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Trenchless Pipe Repair Versus Traditional

pipe bursting can happen to even the most careful homeowner. One of the most efficient and quickest ways to fix it is with traditional sewer line repair. However, if this has left your property a mess, there are other options, such as trenchless pipe repair in San Diego.

Traditional Pipe Repair Methods

When a pipe or sewer line needs repair, the first step is shutting off the water supply, which can be a big issue, especially if you have a business and need water to keep your location running. The challenge with pipe repair is figuring out where the problem is. This will usually require heavy equipment in order to excavate down to the pipe, which may be covered by concrete, dirt, or asphalt, in order to find out where the issue is and fix it. In some cases, only a few feet of pipe will need to be repaired or replaced but in severe cases of tree root infiltration or corrosion the whole pipe needs to be removed and a new one installed. This can take days of work and leave area businesses and homes without water. The parking areas, sidewalks, land, and roads may also need to be restored and repaired and any debris removed.

There are some pros and cons of traditional methods. The traditional methods are effective. However, these repairs are time-consuming and they can mean days of work. These repairs are also expensive and the cost of restoring the infrastructure above the break is costly. It can also disrupt traffic flow since parking lots and roads need to be dug up. There will be a large amount of debris that needs to be disposed of as well.

Trenchless Pipe Repair Methods

With trenchless pipe repair in San Diego, repairs are made without any digging and take place underground. A small hole is dug at the beginning of the pipe and there is a pipe inspection, where a tiny camera is run in the pipe to see the issue and then create a plan for repair. There are different types of trenchless pipe repair. These include joint sealing, pipe bursting, or pipe relining. Joint sealing helps target leaks and provides long-term solutions. This is a customized solution and is a rubber seal held in place using stainless steel retaining bands to isolate the leak. With pipe relining, the liner is fed through an existing pipe then inflated to form a new pipe that bonds to the current one. With severe damage, pipe bursting is used. This is where a motorized head is fed into the current pipe, breaks it apart, and a new pipe is attached so the new pipe is laid behind the old one.

There are many benefits of trenchless pipe repair, including that it saves time, is fast, saves money, and there is little to no debris or waste. When the proper methods are used then there is really no downside to using this technology when compared to a traditional pipe repair.

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