Wrapping Your Garage Door for a New Look

Garage doors take a beating. The elements barrage them every day. They protect your vehicle, but your garage door pays for it by taking the damage from the hail, rain, dust, dirt, blowing debris, and more. Your garage door may work great, but it may have stopped looking great.

You may think you need a garage door repair company to replace your door. Yes, we can help. You do not have to replace your garage door though. We can help you wrap it instead.

Applying a vinyl wrap to a garage door works the same way as applying one to a car or truck. They last a long time and cost so little that you can change them out as often as you like. It does take careful measuring and artistic talent, plus you need to know how a garage door works so the opening and closing system do not get blocked.

You can purchase a vinyl garage door wrap in a multitude of styles. Since many cost less than $50, you can change the design seasonally, for holidays, or whenever you want to change the look of the outside of your home. Vinyl wraps for the home apply to other areas as well. You can have your trim wrapped, too, so it all matches.

These come in typical sizes to fit garage doors – 24”, 28”, 30”, 32”, and 36”. It takes about an hour to wrap a garage door, so you do not pay exorbitant labor costs either.

You can find fun designs, like the camouflage door wrap that covers the door in classic hunting/military style. About a dozen camo styles are available. You can choose a wood-look wrap or one that makes your standard garage door look like carbon fib, brushed steel, or emblazon it with your favorite cartoon character or meme. You can have Woody the Woodpecker decorating a tree on your garage door or Superman flying into your house. Wrap your garage door in the logo of your favorite football team – the Penguins, Sooners, Hawkeyes, Buckeyes, Crimson Tide, or Wildcats. If you can dream it, you can do it. We can install it for you.

We can also wrap your exterior entry door to match. You can have a cohesive look for your home and redecorate its exterior at a whim. You can instantly add curb appeal using this method.

Vinyl provides an easy way to clean your house, too. Once installed, you can use the garden hose to spray it clean with water. It resists stains and looks nice for years. Of course, since this painting alternative costs so little and takes such a short amount of time, you will probably want to change the look of your garage door regularly.

Its small investment to apply also means that if your door does break beyond repair and you need to have it replaced, you won’t be out a lot of money. You can replace the garage door and the wrap for very little and change the look while you are at it if you desire. Garage doors cost between $500 to $2,000, so if you just need an updated look, a $50 wrap works great. You can also add it to a new garage door if you choose a budget design but want a custom look.

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