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Do You Know What Are the Various Benefits of Any Timber Frame Homes?

These days, timber frame homes are becoming quite popular among the self-builders, developers, and construction companies for both residential as well as commercial properties.

There are a few good reasons for the popularity of such a timber frame home, which is also offered in the form of a kit by few companies like Vision Development South Ltd.

Such kind of home can offer you following few benefits:

1.     Speed of construction

Since such homes are constructed as a kit from offsite under the factory conditions, which means plenty of base work has already been completed before it reaches the construction site.

Due to this reason, a lot of time is saved to complete the construction work. Also, since the construction work with timber kits is going to be a dry method and hence there will not be any delay due to weather conditions.

Also, there will be no drying process involved.

2.     Versatility of design

Most of the suppliers of such timber kit building will offer you many different choices of designs that can either be traditional home or any ultra-modern type of contemporary home.

Their structures are usually light in weight and having flexible design features so that there is always a scope available for further extension of the project if needed in the future. You may easily add the second or third floor at later date without any big issue.

3.     Thermally efficient and environment friendly

All these pre-fabricated timber frame panels will be built to very high thermal insulation standards and their airtightness will achieve very low U Values. Also, you can further reduce the cold bridging if dictated by specifications.

The whole structure needs less energy and hence it is cheaper to run. Most suppliers will use timber from FSC certified sources hence it is a sustainable resource. Therefore, a timber frame will be the most eco-friendly way of construction.

4.     Reduces overall costs to build

If you plan to go for a timber frame construction then you can easily and accurately make a budget for your project. Factory fabrication will further enable cost control and fixed price.

There will be no hidden costs or any surprises after your construction work is completed. Due to this reason, you can book your house after negotiating the price and there will no cost overrun.

Anything that you want to add inside the house will be entirely your choice.

5.     More predictable

Since these timber frame kits will be prefabricated off-site hence, they will be a more reliable construction form. Often housebuilding involves various other trades e.g. electricians who may not start their work until your house exterior remains protected from uncertain weather.

Here these trades can start their work earlier than any other methods used for housebuilding like brick and mortar.

You will get a high accuracy level with timber frame building and hence you cannot expect any major problems during the erection stage thus making your construction more predictable.

The timber frame house is quality assured and fully engineered building method and nowadays financing and mortgages can also be readily obtained.

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