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Designing a Garden for British Weather

Homeowners will already know the trials and upkeep involved with maintaining a property in the British climate. Roofs deteriorate, exterior walls are prone to dampness and paint quickly fades. Those with gardens attached to their properties will know how much more potential damage can be caused too. Patches can flood, furniture can degrade, and areas can become overgrown in days.

Defending your garden against such weather is set to be an ongoing task but not one that is impossible. With the right direction, considerations, and furniture, you will be able to manage your garden easily and have an outdoor space that is ready to enjoy year-round. We’ve put together the best tips to get you started.

Grow Your Cover

Having stunning views and open spaces is often at the top of residents’ lists when it comes to garden spaces. However, such a design also leaves the garden entirely open to the elements, rain or shine, both of which can cause issues. During the rainier days, soil can become waterlogged and plants can become lethally drenched. Then, during the summer, you can find yourself without the shade to be cool and your plants might begin to struggle in the all-day exposure.

While covers and gazebos can be purchased and installed, both of which will do an excellent job, trees are a fantastic and natural way of achieving the same cover while also bringing other benefits to your garden. They encourage wildlife, strengthen your plot of land, and can even bear fruit, making them the more luxurious and environmentally friendly choice for the garden of any forever home.

Robust Materials

Your upcycled wooden bench might be aesthetically pleasing but, without the right maintenance, it can quickly succumb to rot. And, while many materials have their flaws, some are more manageable than others, being able to better resist the change between wet and dry that defines the British climate. Rattan corner dining sets have become popular for this exact reason, as they are both weather-resistant and stylish.

Robust materials also extend to those on the ground too and if the concrete is not properly installed or maintained, it can easily be broken up by adverse weather and even weeds.

Against The Breeze

An often overlooked weather is wind. Many gardens and homes are damaged each year because of wind-related damages. Pots can be blown over and garden assets, such as washing lines and BBQs can become broken or carried away. Defending against such weather is quite simple but often compromises garden views. For example, homes prone to harsh winds might install fences or hedges to block the gale. While these are effective measures, they can also have an effect on the amount of light a garden receives.

Since many homes aren’t willing to compromise their views in such a way, it can be a much better idea to take care of your garden during such potentially problematic forecasts. This can be achieved by having furniture that can be covered or protected during adverse weather conditions.

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