Wooden Pool Deck vs. Stone Pool Deck

If you’re planning on getting a fibreglass pool built in your backyard, then you’ll need to get a pool deck built as well. When it comes to pool decks there are various materials that you can get the deck built from. Of these, the two most popular options for pool deck building are wooden pool decks, as well as stone pool decks. However, you may be unsure regarding which option you go for.

The first thing you’ll need to consider is your pool landscape. Your pool deck will play a huge role in how your pool landscape appears. You’ll need to ensure that you choose a pool deck that blends well with the landscape you have in your backyard. Stone and wood tend to blend well easily, but there are certain advantages and disadvantages to each kind, that you should know about. This will help you decide whether a wooden or a stone pool deck will be better for you.

1. The Aesthetic

A wooden pool deck has a very particular aesthetic, that many people find appealing. The look as well as the feel of a wooden deck, which is often equated with luxury, draws a lot of people towards investing in this kind of pool deck. With a stone pool deck, you have a larger range of options available to you, regarding what rocks are used to build the pool deck.

You do get options with wood as well, but these don’t have a great impact on how the final product appears. At the end of the day, you’ll get a polished wooden deck, that’s strong and can endure against the elements. With a stone pool deck, on the other hand, the final appearance that you get depends on what stone was used to make the deck. This means that you have a more versatile range of choices available, that can directly impact the design of your backyard.

2. How Available They Are

Stone pool decks are more popular among perth fibreglass pool owners, simply because they’re more easily available. If you get in touch with a pool deck installation company and ask them about stone pool decks, they’ll likely have the materials. But if you want to have a wooden pool deck built, then the material will need to be specially brought in.

Often, the raw materials for wooden pool decks aren’t easily available, and you may need to wait a few days before your pool deck is built. This can push back the amount of time it takes to have your pool deck completed. Stone is a material that’s more readily available, and is easier to source.

3. The Cost

When factoring in the cost, you’ll need to think about more than just how much the materials themselves cost. You’ll also need to factor in the cost of installing the material to build your pool deck. Together, the cost of material, as well as the cost of installation for wood, is steeper than stone alternatives.

This is because it’s easier to install a stone pool deck. There are even companies that will offer special costs to those who want to have a stone pool deck installed. This brings down the cost of getting this kind of pool deck installed even more, especially during the off-season. Also, you won’t need to apply for special permits, to get a stone pool deck installed. If you want to get a wooden pool deck installed, then this can be seen as an extension of your home. This is why you may need to secure a special permit before you can get a wooden pool deck installed on your property.

So, when you opt for a stone pool deck, you’re saving not just money, but also the time it would take for you to secure the permit.

4. Maintenance

Between stone and wooden pool decks, it’s more expensive to maintain wooden pool decks. You’ll need to ensure that the wood is properly cared for, that it’s polished, that no insects are affecting it, and more. Wooden materials tend to provide a feel that’s more natural, which makes it so popular among pool owners. However, for wooden decking, you’ll need to know about sealing, staining, as well painting as well.

You’ll need to provide special care to ensure that it continues to look aesthetically pleasing. If you don’t maintain your wooden pool deck on a regular basis, then it will lose a lot of its visual appeal that it has. It can also turn into a safety hazard. On the other hand, stone pool decks are easier to maintain, and you generally don’t have to invest so much time and energy into maintaining them.

All you’ll need to do is sweep the pool deck on a regular basis, and you may need to spray clean the pool deck as well. A stone pool deck also lasts longer than a wooden pool deck. You could find yourself needing to replace your wooden pool deck far earlier than you would need to replace a stone pool deck.

5. Safety

Before you decide what kind of pool deck is right for you, you’ll need to think about safety as well. Unless wooden decks are properly cared for, they can create safety issues. These include the development of splinters or rusty nails that could be poking out from the wood. You’ll also need to add a railing to your wooden pool deck, which will need to be taken care of as well.

Stone pool decks, on the other hand, may cause people to slip and fall, if the surfaces aren’t thoroughly cleaned.


The aesthetic appeal that a stone pool deck provides is very different from that of a wooden pool deck. There are also various advantages and disadvantages that come with opting for either kind of pool deck. This guide can help you learn about what these advantages and disadvantages are. This can better enable you to make a decision regarding what kind of pool deck would be ideal for your backyard.

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