Why It’s A Good Idea To Have A Recreational Zone In Your Pool Area

Simply adding a fibreglass pool to your backyard isn’t enough, you’ll also need to add a recreational zone near it. Why? This helps you turn your backyard into more than just a space where people come to swim and relax. You’ll be turning your pool area into a location where people actively socialise. If you already have a fibreglass pool in your backyard, you might be used to throwing pool parties and get-togethers for friends and family.

With an outdoor recreational zone, you’ll be able to turn your family get-togethers into fun-filled events that all your family members can enjoy. Those that want to go swimming can do that, and people who want to relax beside the pool and socialise with others can do that as well.

What Is An Outdoor Recreational Zone?

Your outdoor recreational zone is an area that’s dedicated to giving people a space to rest, lounge in, as well as enjoy themselves, in your yard. The summer months are the perfect time to throw pool parties where you can invite all your loved ones. But a party where all you do is go swimming might not be fun after some time. Keep your party going, and give your guests ways to entertain themselves, with an outdoor recreational zone.

You can dedicate a small space of your yard to your recreational zone, or turn your whole backyard into a space where people can enjoy themselves. Add a lounge area by the patio, to give your guests space to relax, after they go swimming in your pool.

What Should You Add To Your Outdoor Recreational Zone

Now that you know what an outdoor recreational zone is, it’s time to figure out how to add one to your pool area. Remember that you can personalise your recreational zone to ensure that it meets your tastes and interests. Here are ways you can build an outdoor recreational zone.

1. Lounge Area

The first thing you should do is provide people with a place to sit down in. This is where your friends and family will come when they want to spend time sitting in your yard. You can place your lounge area on your patio, or near your pool area. Opt for furniture that’s made of wood, if you want to get that rustic look.

You can add cushions and throws to your lounge area as well, to make it look colourful and attractive. A small coffee table at the centre of your lounge area provides your guests with space to keep their food or drinks while they talk amongst themselves.

Another great idea is to add a firepit close to the lounge area. That way, even when it gets chilly out, people will enjoy spending time in your lounge area, relaxing and socialising.

2. Outdoor Kitchen

People who spend time in the recreational zone by your pool might also want food and drinks. Unless you want to go back inside your home each time you want to get your guests something to eat or drink, building an outdoor kitchen can be a good idea. You can either build a basic outdoor kitchen for storing food and drinks. Or you can have a fully functioning kitchen built as well, to provide quality food to your guests.

Essentially, your outdoor kitchen will need to have a plumbing connection, as well as a refrigerator. You can keep a small microwave in your outdoor kitchen as well, to heat food up when you need it. Keep extra plates and glasses there as well, for easy access when you’re in your pool area.

3. Pool Games

Your recreational zone can also be a space where your friends and family enjoy playing small games, especially pool games. Keep accessories like pool noodles and floats close to your yard, in a space like a shed in the backyard. You can also store fun family games, for people to play, outside the pool as well.

When it comes to pool games, you’ll usually need at least four to six people to play. You will need to divide yourselves into two teams before you can play games like water volleyball in your pool. The same volleyball that you use to play with in the water, can also be used on land. Get your friends and family to play fun games together, both in your fibreglass pool, as well as in your general pool area.

Why Build A Recreational Zone At All?

When you have a fibreglass pool at home, your family, as well as your friends, will love spending time in your pool, swimming and socialising. However, you should also provide people with a place to socialise outside of the pool. Say a guest feels like they’ve swam enough, and they want to rest by the poolside. Having a dedicated lounge area will provide them with a comfortable place to rest.

Your recreational zone should also have food, drinks, as well as activities for people to do. With an outdoor kitchen, you ensure that you can provide your guests with food and drinks easily, without needing to go back to your kitchen every time. Not only does this save you time and energy, but your guests will be more impressed with an outdoor kitchen as well.

No recreational zone is complete without fun activities for people to do. When your guests are done swimming, they can simply head over to your recreational zone to have some more fun. Building a recreational zone provides you with more ways to enjoy your fibreglass pool area, other than just swimming in the pool.


Building a recreational zone allows you to not only enjoy socialising in your pool more but also socialising by your pool, which your melbourne pool builder can discuss with you in the installation stages. There are several things you can add to your recreational zone. But there are three integral things that you need to add. The first of these is a lounge space where your guests can relax after they’ve gone swimming in your pool. You should also have an outdoor kitchen so that you can provide your guests with food and drinks more easily. Finally, you should also have pool toys and accessories that people can use to have fun by your pool.

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