Garden beauty: how to care for outdoor container plants

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your garden flourish. The beauty that springs from a carefully plotted garden is something that invigorates the spirit. Therefore, it is important to provide the best care for your garden to ensure it continues to thrive as the seasons pass!

With this in mind, here are a few top tips for container plant care:

  1. They love the sun

Container plants require plenty of gorgeous sunshine to flourish. Thankfully, it will be obvious if they need a little relocating. This is because sun-starved greenery will grow slowly and look leggy. Conversely, sunburned vegetation looks dry and wilted. It is always important to follow each individual seed’s directions before putting them in their beautiful plant pots, as this will tell you exactly how much sun they need!

  1. Keep the soil moist

Be sure to water the soil if you notice it getting dry. Unfortunately, containers are quick to dry out, so you may need to give your greenery a little drink! Check them once a day. To do this, simply push aside a little mulch before putting your finger in the soil. If you notice that the soil’s top inch seems dry then, yes, it’s time for a beverage.

Water them earlier in the day as they can better utilise the water. Aim towards the base and avoid the foliage – you should see the water drain out of the holes at the bottom of the pot.

  1. Watch out for weeds

Weeds can affect potted greenery, too! What’s more, they love stealing imperative moisture and nutrients, so be sure to get the entire root at the first site of them!

  1. Give them a feed

Whilst they love a good drink it is also important to remember that they need a feed, too. And, given their minute space, they love to eat at a high rate. So, you want to add a good water soluble plant food to your watering can and feed them after a month of planting. Keep feeding them every week or two after planting to ensure that they are receiving those all-important nutrients. You will notice a massive difference if you feed them well or not, as well-fed greenery is renowned for its thriving beauty!

  1. Don’t be afraid to give a little trim

Trimming helps to grow bushier, fuller greenery. Remove any damaged or dead leaves or any that are blocking sun in a mixed container. Deadhead annual greenery by pinching or cutting off old flower heads.

  1. Facilitate full growth

When it comes to planting fruit and vegetables, ensure that you facilitate their healthy growth through adding a cage or stake. Plants like peppers, pole beans, tomatoes and more love to climb closer to the sun, but they can’t build their own stake, so that job falls on your hands, avid gardener!

  1. Keep the pests at bay

Australia is no stranger to pests. These nasty critters love getting into home gardens and feeding on our hard work. Therefore, it’s important to spot signs of damage (chew marks, holes, spots, wilted leaves etc.). Next, remove any bugs you come across as they might create a bigger problem. Finally, put a little space between congested containers as this will help circulate the air and provide fewer hiding spaces for any nasties that want to dine on your hard work.

Gardening is one of the most rewarding hobbies one can do at home. Sure, it takes a little work to learn the ropes, but once you have it you will be thrilled with how gorgeous your garden grows!

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