4 Summer Tasks To Prepare Your Garden For Winter

The summer is an ideal and, in many circumstances, essential season within which a homeowner must prepare their garden for winter. If certain precautions are not taken, residents run the risk of harsh, cold, and wet weather leading to issues, from a sudden presence of unwanted weeds to an increased likelihood of flooding.

To ensure that your property remains safe during the winter months, here are four of the essential preparations that can be made during the summer season, so as to ensure that, as the cold sets in, you can rest assured your garden will remain safe.

Prepare Your Soil

Most gardens across the country will have some form of exposed soil, much of which will be used to encourage the growth of flora and foliage. This could be in the form of a plant pot, raised bed, or even flower beds. If you are growing or would like to better prepare your soil for growth in spring, it is important to mulch your earth.

Mulching has a number of benefits, from protecting the soil from harsh and cold weather conditions to deterring pests. Plus, when it comes to the spring, you will find your soil better prepared for planting.

Secure Your Belongings

Whether you have laid out a garden dining set or have an array of plant pots spread about your garden, it is important to prepare your outdoor space for more challenging weather. Those with log cabins, green houses, and other such outbuildings must also ensure that their structures are sealed and secure during winter too, or else they might return to find them damaged.

Be sure to use the summer sun as an opportunity to review and secure your belongings from any potential harsh weather, storing or tying down anything that could be blown away!

Check Your Drainage

Drains can very easily become blocked and, unfortunately, it only takes a single night of heavy rainfall for residents to soon find themselves dealing with a flood. Pipes and grates may look clean of debris but it is still worth checking them, ideally by pouring water down them following a clean, to ensure that they are truly up to the task of winter rainfall.

This task is also an ideal opportunity to check your roof too, since a loose or broken tile can very easily result in a similar structural issue.

Clean All-Around

Perhaps one of the most basic tasks is also one of the most overlooked. Cleaning a garden during the summer and autumn seasons is important for the household not only in terms of tidiness but also risk. Leaf debris and other such mess can very quickly become home to pests, as well as end up in drains, ultimately leading to blockages, so be sure to tidy all around and remove any problematic mess.

This can also include washing away any build-up of moss or algae, since these will, if left unattended, only cause more issues and be much harder to remove in future.



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