Christmas Crates and Preparing for the Jolliest Time of the Year

As the end of summer approaches, for most of us, all that’s left of our vacation is just a distant but pleasant memory. Thankfully, the end of summer brings with it the joy of anticipating winter’s happiest time, Christmas.

As the big day approaches, homes are filled with frenzied preparations. The festive season is the time of year steeped in traditions, and families want to make sure that no detail is missed. Everyone rushes to prepare, last-minute details including the food, drinks, presents, and decorations. Christmas melodies play everywhere, and the streets of towns and cities are filled with the sounds of “Tis the season to be jolly…”

Hassle-free Christmas Tree Decorating

One of the greatest holiday memories for most families is decorating the tree together.. Putting up the tree, getting out the lights, and setting everything up involves the whole family in most homes.

This  is one of the many holiday activities that help families connect and it encompasses the deeper meaning of the season. This is the time of family togetherness, a time of joy and wonder.

Once the tree is up, it is a feature around which festivities of Christmas are enjoyed. Its lights twinkle over memorable moments, including delicious meals, gift swapping, eggnog, and plenty of hugs and kisses.

The Fisher family in Rockwall embraces all the season’s traditions with passion and enthusiasm. They created their family-owned and operated business, called the Rockwall Christmas Company, to help ensure families continue to create long-lasting memories of wonderful Christmases. Realizing the hard work required to get a home ready for Christmas, they envisioned a way to help families enjoy the most cherished tradition of the season – decorating the tree – by creating the Christmas Crate.

What is a Christmas Crate?

The concept behind the Rockwall Christmas Crates is to ensure every home has a hassle-free way to create the style they want with high-quality decorations. Four themed Christmas crates have everything required to fully deck a Christmas tree from top to trunk. The theme of each crate is inspired by a Christmas carol and consists of over 100 hand-picked and custom ornaments. Many of the ornaments are designed by and made exclusively for the Rockwall Christmas Company.

Included in each Christmas crate are ball ornaments, specialty ornaments, ribbon, finials, decorative sprigs, and flower sprays. Whether you have dreamed of a white Christmas, prefer a rustic festive season, want a modern twist to a classic Christmas, or are a devoted Santa fan, there is a Christmas crate to fulfill your idea of the perfect tree.

All decorations are created to last, and made with shatterproof materials, acrylic, wood, resin, metal, and some glass ornaments.  All Christmas Crates come with a 5 year ornament replacement if damaged, customers only pay the cost of shipping.

The Four Themes of the Christmas Crates

White Christmas in a Crate has white and silver decorations for those wanting to evoke the winter beauty of freshly fallen snow. The O’ Christmas Tree Christmas Crate incorporates the ornaments of your childhood memories and the excitement of waiting to see what Santa brought.

The exhilaration of Christmastime is represented by the Jingle Bells Christmas Crate. The exciting ornaments of this box include festive reindeers and gorgeous plaid balls. The Jolly Old Saint Nicholas Christmas Crate is a delightful tribute to Santa with a selection of red and white ornaments.

These four kits are available for pre-ordered now to ensure you receive yours in time to decorate your tree. The crates do not include the tree or Christmas lights but contain enough decoration to decorate a 6.5 – 7.5-foot tree.

The owners of Rockwall Christmas Company are dedicated to their customers, and their service does not disappoint. Owners of taller trees or those that want their trees decorated all around just need to buy a booster kit.

Built on Quality and Care

The Fisher family’s desire to help families create lasting memories stems from their belief in the importance of quality time. The idea behind the creation of the Rockwall Christmas Company was to help take some of the hard work out of the holiday season.

They aim to offer high-quality decorations backed by their unwavering commitment to customer care. From one family to the other, they make sure you receive your Christmas crate at your door.

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