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6 Home Décor Mistakes To Avoid With Your Area Rugs

Your home’s area rugs are many times the focal points of your dining, living and bedrooms, which is why you’re going to want to make the most out of your flooring designs in every room of your home.

It’s unfortunate that countless homeowners continuously make blatant interior designing mistakes without every noticing it, but the good news is that we’ve teamed up with a group of Area rugs specialists to support you when it comes to avoiding these types of mistakes.

So here are 6 home décor mistakes that you should avoid when it comes to utilizing area rugs!

Purchasing An Area Rug That’s Simply Too Small

When you go too small with your area rug’s overall size, you’ll end up making your entire room look a lot smaller. You should set some boundaries between your furniture and your flooring, but your area rug should at the very least be large enough to cover the front legs of every furniture piece in any particular room.

Being Afraid Of Layering

A lot of people will purchase smaller area rugs because they’re much cheaper than large rugs, and this actually might be a good décor strategy for you and your budget. But if you’re going to go this route, then you should consider layering two smaller rugs on top of one another to make the flooring décor seem larger than it actually is.

You’ll be surprised by how incredible layering can look when you use a neutral color base and place a brightly colored rug on top of it, so don’t be afraid of this technique when you’re rug shopping on a budget!

Keeping Your Carpets Completely Bare

A lot of people are cautious when it comes to layering an area rug on top of their wall-to-wall carpets, but this is something that you should consider embracing. Area rugs aren’t just for high-quality hardwood floors, so if your home has carpets then you can still own great area rugs.

Saving Your Rug Shopping For The End Of Your Décor Shopping

When you wait till the last minute to purchase a room’s area rug and initially purchase furniture pieces and other parts of your home, you’ll end up limiting the options you’ll have for your new area rug. Everything will have to match, but if you start with your rug first then you can develop a room’s ambience more cohesively.

Most professional interior designers will choose an area rug first and then go from there when deciding a room’s décor, so take it from the pros in that this is a good strategy for your home’s design.

Being Cautious Of Patterns

Many homeowners will only focus in on bland, neutral rugs and shy away from purchasing any rugs with patterns. You should embrace the beauty of area rugs and all that they can provide you and your home, because this will subsequently provide your room with more energy and texture.

Skipping Out On A Rug Pad

Rug pads are incredibly important purchases to go alongside your new area rugs, because they’ll keep your new rug in place and will ensure that no one slips or slides inadvertently.

So this is an important safety feature that you should never skip out on!

Reach Out To Your Local Rug Specialists When You’re On The Hunt For High-Quality Area Rugs!

One of the best things you can do when you’re rug shopping is skip the big box stores and go straight to the industry specialists, and you can learn more about area rugs by clicking through the link at the top of the article!

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