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Bright & beautiful: how to give your home more colour

The home should be a bright space. It should be a place where we wake up to a beautiful illumination and the kind that makes us excited for the day ahead. Many Australian homeowners are often thinking about ways they can invigorate their rooms, making them brighter and more colourful in the process. Well, thankfully, there are multiple aesthetic elements you can incorporate into the home to make it more vibrant!

From gorgeous plants to sliding doors, here are a few of the ways you can enliven your space:

  1. Large sliding windows

Because what better way to allow in the natural light than through the most stunning aluminium sliding windows Brisbane can have installed? Large windows are ideal for allowing in natural light, especially when placed in the right sections of the home that can truly optimise the ability to receive the golden Brissy sun. The opposite is always a drab affair, with tiny little windows blocking out the sun and keeping the home plunged in eternal darkness!

What’s more, allowing in more natural light illuminates any beautiful spaces and ornaments whilst providing a glorious natural glow that sheds beauty across the floors, halls and walls!

     2. Not to mention sliding doors

Whilst windows might be the ultimate for allowing in natural sunlight, you can also never look past some awesome sliding doors to further allow in that beautiful Queensland sunshine. If you have a backyard exit that faces the sun, your home can truly benefit from installing large, glass sliding doors that perfectly allow for your garden-facing room to experience some truly bright sunny days.

What’s more, having both aluminium windows and doors increases your home’s thermal efficiency, ensuring the space always feels brighter and cosier than if your home wasn’t thermal-efficient, as being cosy always makes one feel like they’re in a brighter, more accommodating space!

      3. Get some foliage in there!

Plants have always been essential to making a home feel brighter. Honestly, there is no better way to add some vibrant colour to the home, with beautiful splashes of green, yellow, red, pink and more all stemming from the gorgeous foliage you’ve installed in the home. What’s more, plants and flowers catch the natural light you’re looking to install even more, so you can be sure that your home is going to be full of colour stemming from the natural world’s beauty!

 4. And some gorgeous artwork

Obviously, art comes in all forms, from the bright and vibrant to the grim and grotesque. However, If you’re looking to add more joyful colour to your home, we obviously recommend filling it with some of the brighter pieces from the likes of, say, Gauguin, Klimt or Monet. And, to truly invigorate the space’s colour, don’t be afraid to go for the biggest pieces possible! They can truly add to the space’s excitement, making it a truly mesmerising, colour-bound spot to enjoy.

     5. Paint the walls, too!

Obviously, after renovation, more neutral tones aren’t going to do much for making your home feel bright and spacious, and so you might like to go with some brighter colours to give it that truly joyous edge! Beiges, blues, pinks and yellows – all go a long way to making your home feel like a real happy place.

As you can see, there are numerous tips for ensuring your home is one that feels carefree and cosy. You don’t have to spend a fortune on making it happen – just a few details to give that real splash of joie de vrie!

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