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Company Selling Replacement Windows in Oceanside, CA Offers Homeowners Special Incentives

When competition is fierce in your industry, offering incentives to potential customers can often turn them into paying customers. An unexpected add-on that comes at no additional cost to a customer can make them feel like they’re getting a great deal—and who doesn’t love a great deal?

BM Windows, one replacement window company serving Oceanside, offers not one, but two special incentives for their customers.

Installation Warranty and Coastal Warranty for Oceanside Replacement Window Customers

All replacement windows sold in Oceanside come with a manufacturer’s warranty. The length of the warranty can range from a few years to a lifetime of coverage. Most reputable manufacturers of replacement windows give customers a lifetime warranty that covers any manufacturing defects.

However, not all problems with replacement windows occur as a result of a manufacturing issue. Sometimes, problems can arise because a window was improperly installed. When this is the case, the manufacturer’s warranty won’t pay for the window to be fixed, and the homeowner is on the hook to pay for repairs. That is, unless the replacement window dealer offers their own installation warranty. This is exactly what BM Windows does.

BM Windows offers all their customers their own installation warranty that covers the cost of parts and labor to fix any issue that results from an installation error. In addition, BM Windows offers homeowners in coastal communities like Oceanside, CA a warranty that covers their windows in case of damage from the ocean air. They do this because many manufacturers don’t offer coverage for windows installed in homes near the ocean.

Sound Suppression Package

Another incentive offered by BM Windows is a free upgraded sound suppression package on one of the top window brands they sell. The upgraded sound suppression technology gives homeowners better insulation from outside noise, which is great for people living near the airport or busy roads—or for those who simply don’t want to hear their neighbors or their barking dogs. BM Windows is able to offer this upgrade free of charge because they are one of the manufacturer’s preferred window dealers.

Here is what one Oceanside homeowner had to say about the replacement windows they purchased from BM Windows that included upgraded sound suppression technology:

We just had our old windows replaced with BM Windows. They are beautiful! We searched around and the prices are the best in SD. The quality is great. Our home is freeway close so our old windows let the sound in. The new quiet in our home is amazing. The installation team was friendly and quick- by early afternoon I was able to stare out our new beautiful windows and enjoy the silence. 

        Allie S., Oceanside, CA


Amazing Customer Service for Every Oceanside Homeowner

On top of the great incentives offered by BM Windows, Oceanside customers will also get amazing customer service when they purchase new windows from the company. BM Windows is known for their great service from the beginning of the process to the end. Here is what one customer had to say:

From the time I contacted their customer service to schedule an estimate appointment, to the time they finished the sliding glass door install, they were GREAT! On time, on budget and on target with making sure we were happy with the results. Wish all businesses delivered on their promises like BM Windows!!! Will be using them on our next window job.

        Keith R., Oceanside, CA

To learn more about BM Windows and the replacement windows they sell in Oceanside, California, visit their company website: https://www.bmwindowsca.com/

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