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Why You Need Polyurethane Wheels Over Urethane Ones

When researching caster material options, you are going to come across urethane and polyurethane. Essentially, they are the same material. The most significant difference that affects the quality of these materials is how the manufacturers produce them. In the end, urethane is not as high-quality or durable as polyurethane. You will find that urethane wheels wear much quicker, so you need to replace them more often.

Aside from this commonly known fact, there are several other reasons you should choose polyurethane—these range from the fact that there are more polyurethane offerings to this material’s extensive benefits and uses. Read on for a complete explanation of why you should choose polyurethane casters over urethane.

Flexible Options

Most caster manufacturers offer an extensive lineup of polyurethane options and only a few urethane options. That means that whether you are looking to improve a skateboard design or move heavy machinery around a factory, you are more likely to find a polyurethane option that meets your needs. However, you may not find a urethane option.

You can find casters in this material in heavy-duty, swivel, rigid, locking, low-rise, and ergonomic designs. While urethane offerings are extensive, you will generally have more options if you search the polyurethane sections.


Although each set of polyurethane wheels will have its unique benefits, there are a few characteristics that you will notice that make them better than urethane ones. For example, they will be quieter, handle heavier loads, roll easier, protect your floor, and be corrosion resistant. That means you can keep your workspace more enjoyable, protect your employees, and expect the equipment and materials in your building to last longer.

Many Uses

As mentioned, there are many options for polyurethane, meaning that you can find wheels with almost any thickness, height, or load capacity. That means that you can use these for nearly every industry, including manufacturing, schools, restaurants, office buildings, hospitality, transportation, aerospace, food service, and automotive. On the other hand, urethane rubber has limitations, so you cannot use it in these industries.

When you need flexible casters, have many uses, and provide a host of benefits, polyurethane should be the material you choose. While there may be certain situations where you need urethane rubber, polyurethane will be better than its counterpart in most cases. Therefore, you should check that the supplier you choose has an extensive offering of polyurethane casters to ensure you get what you need.

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