Why seal coating your asphalt is so beneficial

You make considerable efforts to keep your property in top condition, and your asphalt driveway is no exception. One of the easiest and most effective ways to protect your asphalt is by having it seal-coated every few years. In this post, we’ll explain all the benefits of doing so.

Why seal coating your asphalt is so beneficial

Defends against water damage

Your asphalt can sustain severe damage from water. Even the smallest cracks can allow it to enter. When water permeates past the top layer of asphalt and to the lower layers, it can cause the foundational material to shift out of place. This makes the asphalt on top weak and the weight of a car driving over it can cause a pothole to form. Seal coating adds a protective barrier over the asphalt as well as fills in any tiny cracks to prevent water from damaging your asphalt.

Increase the longevity of your asphalt

By adding seal coating, you can safeguard your investment and increase the lifespan of your asphalt. Over time your asphalt can fade and wear and seal coating essentially rejuvenates the surface whilst offering additional protection against the elements and contaminants. This can save you in the long run on costly repairs or replacements.

Restore the appearance of your asphalt

The look of freshly laid asphalt on asphalt driveways gold coast is unbeatable however, your asphalt will age, making it look tired. By having it seal coated every 3 to 5 years you can restore its appearance back to its former glory. This will give your asphalt its deep lustrous black colour once more.

Makes maintenance a breeze

No one wants to be spending their spare time having to excessively clean their asphalt. When you keep on top of your scheduled seal coatings, this isn’t something you have to worry about. The smooth finish seal coating gives your asphalt prevent stains from seeping into the deeper layers and it makes cleaning it a breeze. This can save you a considerable amount of time and money on cleaning products and equipment.

Decrease wear and tear

Asphalt paving oxidises when exposed to air and sunlight. As it does this it makes the asphalt brittle, accelerating the rate of cracks and other types of damage. Seal coating provides it with an additional barrier of defence against oxidation slowing down the rate at which it occurs drastically.

Increases the traction of the asphalt

As a paving medium, asphalt has many benefits. One of them is that it offers great traction and prevents tyres from sliding on the surface. This grip can wear over time but by having it seal-coated you can restore the traction to its original state.

Prevent spills from causing significant damage

Spills will inevitably happen in certain locations. Some spills, such as those containing oil, petroleum, or other chemicals, can ruin your asphalt. These kinds of spills can degrade the durability of your asphalt as they break down the binder in the asphalt. You can add an extra layer of protection against these types of spills by applying a seal coating. When your surface has a seal coating, spills such as these cannot permeate into the asphalt and cause damage. Additionally, a seal coating can shield your asphalt from unattractive stains caused by spills.

Seal coating is worth every cent

As you can see, there are many benefits to having your asphalt seal coated. It not only makes your asphalt look better, but it can save it from significant damage. If you have any questions, contact the professionals at Bitumen Constructions.

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