What are the steps in installing a window?

Pre-hung windows are significantly easier to install than the approach of erecting a frame and then installing a window in it since you install the entire unit.

The job necessitates some construction skills and resources. If you’re not sure you can handle this work on your own, get a professional window installer.

If you can, the steps for installing a pre-hung window are outlined here:

  • To mark the corners of the window, drive nails through the wall from within the house. Then, on the outside, draw a window opening.
  • With a power saw, cut through the siding and sheathing. Check the fit of the window by bringing it up to the opening. If necessary, keep cutting.
  • To make sure the window will fit, place it in the opening. To find out how much space you should leave, consult the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Tuck 8-inch-wide pieces of moisture seal into the siding to line the opening. With a utility knife, slit the corners of the seal diagonally and fold the pieces toward the interior. If required, trim the strips until they are slightly inside the opening’s internal edge. Beginning from the bottom up, staple them together.
  • Place two little 1/2-inch spacers in the bottom of the opening, about 1/2 inch in from the sides, at this point. Check for level and, if necessary, apply shims.
  • To attach the shims to the opening, use dabs of silicone or two 2-inch nails per pair (if you use nails, pre-drill nail holes). Cut them flush with the siding after they’ve been secured.

Mounting the window

Place the bottom of the window on the spacers from outside the house, and then slowly slide the top into the opening. At one of the higher corners, drive a nail halfway through the trim. Check the level of the window, make any necessary shim adjustments, and then continue driving the nail. Check the level again. Then walk inside and double-check that everything is in order from that angle.

Install shims along the sides of the window towards the top and bottom, as well as in the middle, and adjust as needed. Make sure the window is functional before securing it to the opening with nails driven into the brick mold or casing. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for applying flashing and sealant.

Make sure you fasten the window frame before completion or call windows and doors company to help with the installation.

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