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What a Long Beach Architect Wants You to Know About Rossmoor Home Remodels

If you’ve owned a home in Rossmoor, California for any length of time, you are likely familiar with how difficult it can be to undertake any sort of remodeling projects on your home. First, there’s the trouble of finding quality, reliable contractors to complete the work at a price you can afford. But then, there’s also the issue of obtaining the necessary permits. If you’ve ever tried to get a permit from your local jurisdiction on your own, you know how frustrating it can be. The office issuing building permits will ask for all kinds of documentation—including not only building plans, but also other types of documents and reports that you don’t even know how to obtain.

Mark Grisafe, a Long Beach architect who does a lot of work in the unincorporated area of Rossmoor, knows all too well how complicated it can be to complete a remodeling project in Rossmoor. He explains, “Additions larger than 500 square feet require a soils report, due to Rossmoor having a high water table and a variety of soil types. Soils reports can be quite costly and take some time to complete, so homeowners either need to factor that into their budget and timeline or scale down their plans to avoid having to complete a soils report. Another factor to consider is that the plans for any Rossmoor remodels need to be approved by the County. In Orange County, the various services like water, sewer, and other utilities are not centralized (as opposed to the City of Long Beach where all services are run by the City). This can sometimes make the approval process take a little longer.”

Working with a local architecture firm, like Grisafe Architecture, can definitely help homeowners navigate the complicated permitting process. Grisafe Architecture not only offers architectural design services in Rossmoor, but they also take care of submitting all the necessary documents for obtaining permits.

In addition, Grisafe Architecture is well acquainted with the types of homes—and even the specific models of homes—found in Rossmoor. Grisafe says, “We’re very familiar with the homes in Rossmoor and can often anticipate some of the changes homeowners want to make before they even ask for them. This is because these homes have several features that were fads when they were built back in the ‘50s and ‘60s, but that aren’t necessarily desirable features today. “

Some of the most requested changes from Rossmoor homeowners include master bedroom additions that feature walk-in closets and larger ensuite bathrooms, expanded kitchens that open up to the living area, and patio additions. Many homeowners are also looking to add more square footage to their homes, since many of the original homes in Rossmoor are on the small side. In the course of their remodels, homeowners are also looking to add custom details to their homes to make them stand out among the other homes in their housing tracts.

If you’re looking to take on a home remodel in the Rossmoor neighborhood, make sure you work with an architect who is experienced working on Rossmoor homes and can help you obtain the permits you need. This will make the remodeling process much more enjoyable and will likely help you stick to a reasonable timeline. An experienced Rossmoor architect can also help you address the issues that are common in the homes in this area.

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