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Types of Kitchen Tap Finishes

Choosing a kitchen tap appears to be simple, but there are some important factors to consider. There is much to consider before you start looking, of course, such as how much you would like to spend, what kind of theme you are trying to create in the kitchen and how you plan to use the taps. Once you have considered all of this, here are some of the finishes which you have to choose from.

Brushed Chrome

Brushed chrome is a finish which works very well with a range of styles and themes in the kitchen and it offers a a subtle yet stylish option for your taps. This finish works with all manner of tap fittings such as kitchen mixer taps and more traditional options, making it a very popular choice.

Polished Metal

For those who are looking to make something more of a style statement with their taps, polished metal is a great look. The only downside to this kind of finish is that if the finish gets chipped, the damage can be highly noticeable. Aside from this however this finish looks great and really draws the eye to the sink and the taps. These work best in a chic or minimalist kitchen design.

Naked Metal

A kitchen theme which we are seeing more and more of lately is industrial design. This is a rugged option which features coarse textures throughout. The perfect tap to accompany this sort of design is naked metal taps, which have blemishes and a rawness that looks great. Whether you opt for brass kitchen taps or even wrought iron, that unfinished look is a thing of beauty in such a space.

Stone Finish

It may not be possible to make taps from stone, but that hasn’t stopped many designers from looking to add the appearance of stone to the outside of taps. This works so well in kitchens of all kinds and it adds a real sense of uniqueness to any space. These tap options are far lower cost than you may realize, and they work perfectly with stone sinks and/or worktops.

Colored Finishes

The range of colored finishes which you can find is large and varied and this can certainly help you to bring some real style and brightness into your kitchen. Black kitchen taps are the most common color that people opt for but there really is no limit as to what kinds of colors your taps can feature. Often these are made using stainless steel which is then dyed during the manufacturing process to provide a hue of color seeping through the metal finish.

The type of finish which you choose will depend heavily on the style of your kitchen and the textures which you have in the design. The best way to identify the best finish for you is to keep your eye out for magazines and in kitchenware stores, to gain some inspiration.

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