Tips To Wrap Your Home in Calm This Christmas

Annual holidays can feel overwhelming to some celebrants. Christmas, in particular, seems to become a hectic, splashy affair that can assault the senses. Perhaps you feel that way; if so, you can tone down the holiday starting with your home decorating. If you are looking for a starting point to introduce a sense of calm to your festivities, hang your stockings on these minimalist-inspired decorating tips.

Choose a Minimalist Tree

The Christmas tree is the focal point of the room. However, the tree should not dominate the setting. A tree that is too tall and full will overwhelm the room. Instead, look for a sparsely branched, open tree such as the style this Balsam Hill reviews post profiles. Artificial trees, like those in Balsam Hill tree reviews, also do not add to the clutter because they do not drop needles.

Go Natural in Other Areas

Bring the outdoors inside by scouring your yard for sticks, pine cones, evergreen branches or other artful pieces of nature. Create small arrangements of your collected bounty in bowls or vases; place them in nooks or on shelves intertwined with sprigs of holly or small Christmas decorations.

Tone Down Your Wrapping

Wrap some of the presents you place under the tree in natural-brown, butcher-paper tones, and tie these packages with string. These packages will create a calm contrast as they sit among other brightly colored presents.

Mute the Music

Energetic Christmas music can be psychologically jolting, especially when shops and restaurants blast it well before December. Fill your house with calm music played at quiet levels. This measure will restore a sense of peace when you return home, where you most need that feeling.

Ideally, Christmas should be a time of peace and serenity. Too often, the holiday can create a sense of over-stimulation instead. By taking steps to simplify your home surroundings, you can reduce the holiday glare and bask in the calm.

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