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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Fence

Frequently, people realize that they need a fence right at the moment when they wish it was already there, be it to keep little kids from running toward the street or to keep a dog happy and contained. Others realize they’d like a privacy fence in a densely populated neighborhood or simply think that a decorative fence would make their property look its best. No matter why you need it, don’t let the urgency of the project get in the way of picking the right fence. Here are some steps to make sure you get the perfect fence for you.

Start With Your Goals for Fencing

You’ll opt for very different fencing choices if the goal is to generally demarcate your property versus if you have a strong, large dog that likes to escape. Think through what you want your fence to be able to weather, and how you want it to appear visually. Talking to a fencing expert can help you get some ideas of what is available for what price, but also take the time to decide for yourself if you like what you’re seeing. Never be afraid to get second or third quotes.

Get Materials Strong Enough to Withstand the Expected Pressures

While you don’t want to be upsold a fortress of a fence that you don’t need, you also don’t want a weak fence that lets your dog out chronically or crumbles under even mild weather. Focus on learning what materials appear beautiful in the context of your neighborhood while also being strong enough, tall enough, or with enough slats/lack of open space to protect your yard. If you have a cat, for instance, that you don’t want squirming out of the yard, it will take a much more sturdy fence than if you simply don’t want your horse wandering away.

Choose a Company With a Strong Reputation For Clarity

Reading reviews can be helpful for finding a great fence company, but in particular, look for people who enjoyed the process of working with those fencing professionals and also feel like they were given the full explanation they needed to understand the process. By picking someone who tells the truth and shows fences that are truly appropriate to the customer’s needs, you put yourself in a good position to trust them. Since people don’t buy fences often, it’s easy to be upsold something you don’t actually need for your purposes. If you realize that you have the space to wait and decide about a fence in the future, don’t let a pushy salesperson be the reason you opt for a fence you’re not 100% excited to buy.

Finding a great fence requires a little more work because you may not have shopped for one before. However, doing a little research online and picking a reputable company, even if it means a modest premium on cost, will make you much more confident about the process to come. It’ll also help your home look great when you go to sell the house, and will give your real estate agent more to work with in their marketing.

Infographic created by First Fence Company, Leading PVC Fence Company in Chicagoland

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