Timber Decking Ideas for Your Home

Building a deck in your home can be an exciting project, it gives you the chance to get creative and design something truly unique. It doesn’t matter what kind of budget you are working with; you’ll be able to come up with a design that perfectly suits your home. Think outside the box and stay clear of standard wood platforms. No backyard is complete without a deck built for entertaining and lounging around.

Here are some great decking ideas to bring your home to life.


When designing a deck, you only need to choose a size which serves its purpose, there is no point in wasting extra space on a grand design if it won’t be used. For instance, let’s say you are trying to create a decking area which will be used for relaxing in the sun. You’ll only need to create a space which holds a handful of sun loungers and a table. You’ll also need to allow for walking space between each piece of furniture. Carefully consider your needs and create an area which fits its purpose. If you’re looking for timber decking in Brisbane, there are plenty of first-class suppliers in the city. You’ll find a wide range of options, most at affordable prices.

Making it Fit

The trick to creating a unique deck is to find a space which suits your project. Once you’ve found the best possible location, you can then think of stylish concepts to allow your decking to blend effortlessly into its surroundings. Go into your backyard and take some time to look around the landscape. Allow yourself to image decking in certain parts of your garden, once you’ve settled on an idea, visualise the space and keep that image in your mind. If the space is too big, maybe a smaller deck will still serve your purpose.

Covering Your Deck

Covering your deck depends on the area you choose to put it, if you are installing timber decking, it is best to include a cover to help protect the wood when it rains. It is always nice to have a cover over your deck, but a large roof can make a small deck look more imposing. One solution is to partially cover the deck with a small roof. It will fit better with the landscape and also offer cover from the sun and rain.

Mini Deck

Instead of opting for a large deck in your backyard, why not consider fitting a mini deck? A mini deck can be designed in such a way that it creates a multifunctional area in your garden. It can be elevated to chair height to create space for sitting without having to install seats.

There are plenty of stylish, innovative ways to design decking in your backyard. The size of your garden is irrelevant, it all comes down to creativity. Even if you are working with a small space, you can still design an incredible decking area. Decking doesn’t have to be large to be useful, if the area serves its purpose your project is a success.

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