Skylights: A Guide to Installation, Cost and Maintenance

Natural light is something that many homeowners value. It can help to brighten up a room and make the inside of a home feel warmer and more inviting. If you intend to design and build a new property or to renovate an existing one, one of your considerations might be how you can allow more natural light to flow into your home.

One of the most cost-effective and popular ways to do so is through the use of skylights. Once installed, these windows provide a clear barrier between the inside and outside of your home. They serve a dual purpose, allowing natural light to flow freely into your home while keeping pollutants, rain and even animals out.

What Are Skylight Windows?

Of course, before you can make a proper and well-informed decision about whether to install skylights in your home, it can be beneficial to find out more about what exactly they are.

Skylights are a type of window that you can install on the roof of your house. It usually replaces a segment of the roof space and you can choose whether to install them with a hinge or without one. Hinged skylights can be opened whenever you want to allow air to enter your home, improving ventilation. On the other hand, skylights without hinges serve as an impermeable barrier, only allowing sunlight to pass through them.

Are Skylights Expensive?

There are many factors that can affect the installation costs for skylights. Some of these may include the size of the skylights, the model of the skylights and the type of roof that you’re installing them on.

Generally, a single skylight can cost between $400 to $1200 to install. This may be on the higher end of the spectrum compared to some more basic types of windows, although the higher cost is due to the unique skills required to install skylight windows.

Skylight Window Cleaning and Maintenance

Compared to other types of windows, skylights also tend to be somewhat more troublesome to clean and maintain. The interiors of your skylight windows are typically easy to clean, often requiring no more than a bi-annual dusting and wipe-down with a damp rag.

However, cleaning the exterior of a skylight can be a challenging job, given the positioning of skylights on the roof. Often, this means that you will require specialised equipment such as window cleaning poles to reach the windows, short of climbing on your roof and cleaning them by hand.

As a result, it is common for homeowners to engage professional window cleaners to help them clean their skylights. Professional window cleaners have the necessary tools to clean exterior windows safely and effectively, helping homeowners save time and avoid compromising on their safety.

Acorn Window Cleaning: Professional Window Cleaners in Melbourne

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