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Minimalist Design Tips for Your Home

You may have heard the saying “less is more”, but have you ever seen it in action? In home design, this minimalist concept can do wonders when applied correctly. It can spruce up your home’s appeal and even be beneficial to mental health. Here are some tips on how you can incorporate a minimalist style into your home.

The goal of a minimalist design is simplicity, and attaining it starts with decluttering. It’s crucial to remove items that do not serve a purpose. Likewise, get rid of anything that obstructs a minimalist flow. This can include purging clunky furniture, unused bedding, knick-knacks and more. You can also eliminate decorative items that doesn’t feature clean lines, muted colors or simple geometric patterns. These components are an essential part of any minimalist décor scheme.

Once the clutter has been cleared away, the room may look empty — but that’s the point. The room should have only the essentials, with a focus on functionality and aesthetic value. For additional minimalist décor ideas and a handy room-by-room breakdown, please see the accompanying resource.

Minimalist Décor Guide from CURATED, a luxury interior and home designer

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