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Mark Roemer Oakland Discusses How to Enjoy Your Garden in the Winter


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, most gardeners dread the winter since it can turn beautiful gardens bleak and desolate. However, there are several ways to enjoy your garden during the winter and even preserve it using special means.

The Details

Here are a few ways to enjoy your garden in winter:

  1. Grow plants that thrive in winter – One of the best ways to combat the winter is to fill your garden with plants that thrive in the cold season. There are many plants that bloom in the winter and fill your garden with colors and fragrances. These include snowdrops that thrive under the shade of trees and heather that come in various colors such as purple, white, and pink.

Hellebores, nerines, and cyclamen are also great for keeping your garden vibrant during the winter so that you can enjoy it even during the colder months.

  1. Attract wildlife in your garden – A large and well-maintained garden is not just home to beautiful plants but also the local wildlife that can consist of many critters such as squirrels and birds. However, many small animals go into hibernation during the colder months and those that don’t often have trouble finding food to survive. One of the reasons is the lack of or low density of vegetation during the winter.

You can help them survive by planting trees and shrubs that bear berries and thrive in the winter. Adding water dishes and bird feeders is also a great way to ensure the daily arrival of small critters such as hedgehogs and birds that fill your garden with life.

You may even toss leftover bread crusts, fruits, and seeds or foods such as insect cakes, peanuts, and berries for several types of birds and small animals. And it’s also a great time of the year to clean the bird boxes to prepare them for new nests in the spring.

  1. Start decorating – Even if most of your plants don’t survive in the winter, you can make up for it by using ornaments and decorations to infuse your garden with a different kind of flair and beauty. For instance, you can use candles, wreaths, lighting, and garden ornaments to liven up the ambiance. Drape fairy lights on bare trees to infuse them with life and paint dull or worn-out plant pots after repairing them.
  1. Apply some creativity – Hosting barbeque parties in your garden and backyard is an all-time favorite occasion of almost everybody and it’s even more fun during the winter since it helps to liven up the bleak weather. You can prepare sturdy gazebos to entertain your guests and even invest in BBQ huts or firepits. Arrange for some garden lighting to prepare it for the cold winter nights and roast some tasty marshmallows and share the fun with all your friends and family members.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you follow the tips stated above to make your garden resistant to the woes of winter. All it takes is a little energy and effort to maintain the beauty of your garden.

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