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Landscaping Ideas For Summer

In these past two years, a lot of people are spending more time at home and often working from home.

Landscaping is one of the fun things that we can do to improve our living and working space. And only a few days to count and it is almost Christmas so we can start now to prepare for the holidays. So we must start thinking about outdoor projects now, especially if we are having guests or relatives over that will spend Christmas holidays with our families.


Green pavements are very recommendable by architects as it is very sustainable. Aside from the aesthetics it gives off, it keeps your yard from having a form of water that cannot be drained because of its position that is a bit away from the drainage. Paving your yard with permeable green pavements keeps your yard clean and also helps your house to be cool. Because pavements that are just concrete, it absorbs heat from the sun consequently making the house warm.


Vegetation are the best thing to add up in your yard to make it cozy and homey. It is beautiful if these bushes are trimmed to have a clean look in your garden. Likewise, lawns must be trimmed also and can be done by using a lawnmower for faster and clean results.

Trees give shade and at the same time it gives a cool and lively environment. Trees can also beautify your garden by adding lights in its trunks and leaves.

Water Feature

Adding a water feature in your garden gives a different feel and gives drama to the scene. It balances the whole picture of your yard and creates a cool and soothing effect. Adding lights in your water feature will give emphasis to it and enhances its beauty especially at night.

Outdoor Lighting

Lighting enhances and gives off a cozy feeling to our yard. So light up your yard with outdoor string lights. Outdoor string lights are best in your patio space in which you have an outdoor sofas and chairs where you hang out with your families and friends. This makes the space cozy and inviting. You may also put outdoor pathway lights that makes you see the path-walks at night and gives a better ambiance to your property.

Lightings also have different types in terms of the light they produce. We have white light, cool light and warm light. Warm light ranges from 3000 kelvin up to 3500 kelvin. On the other hand, cool light ranges from 6000 kelvin up to 6500 kelvin. Cool light can be used when we have something to do and we need a bright light to prevent accidents. We can use cool light when we are cutting or cooking barbeque outside or if we want to place the food outside during outdoor parties so that we see the food clearer. Warm light can be put on the patio space where we just hangout and chill and talk to our friends.

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