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How to Prevent Rats by Using a Rat Blocker

The engineered drainage system and still rats running through your house? Rat blocker have got your help. Being environmentally friendly at a reasonable price comes with 95% accuracy while preventing rats from entering commercial buildings too. Along with rat blockers, rat flaps are also essential equipment to keep your household clean from rats.  Your mind might raise many questions while considering the quality, compatibility, and warranty of the product.

  • All your questions can be answered as the products come with galvanized steel especially protecting from rust with a 12-month warranty.
  • As fulfilling every need of the customers these products are made in 4Inch or 6 Inch as per the desires of the customers.
  • As trained engineers certify these are the products made with double gate mechanism preventing any rat from entering the house?
  • Not only stopping the rats but also pipes are protected from damage caused by the rats.
  • Attached at the end of the pipe, rat flap allow water to flow through the pipes and also prevent rats from entering the pipes.

You might realize the importance of the product by being an owner of the hotel as every year many hotels get closed due to hygienic issues caused by the rats and in times of pandemic, this is the product that will strike your mind. Being a non-toxic product and effective immediately after installation these products cut down expensive drain repairs and also provide service when there’s an effect. With a tail and jumbo head, these products are installed into pipes with inspection chambers. Automatic stainless steel flaps allowing rats already inside the pipe to go out and close the flap to prevent entering. As a robust stainless steel device, these are secured in a place with a tight friction fit, and especially these products cannot get lodged into the drainage line. These products also protect upstream branches of a drain outlet by allowing rats to pass downstream.

Specially designed with no hinge within the pipe allowing maximum flow of water and preventing loss of unit into the drainage line. With 250mm in size, these systems can also prevent frogs, snakes, and other organisms. Few products work by eliminating pipe access from outside but few allow the flow of water. As said the flip flaps for every product opens only when fluid needs to flow freely and remain closed the other times. These products are either protected by 2 bolts or by using a small amount of adhesive which is eco-friendly and affordable too. Drain defects are commonly caused by ground movement or old drains and can be taken care of with time to time maintenance. By installing one of these products and prevent all potential points of entry for rats.

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