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How to choose stylish door numbers for your dwelling: 3 golden rules


  • Temperament and colour theory
  • The perfect complement: trends
  • Materials and technology

The renovation work is finally over. There is only one little thing left: decorate the windowsills with pots of fragrant flowers, hang a hammock on the veranda, place original candles in their places and, of course, attach a door number in a unique style. The temperament should be visible, and the neighbours in the street admired, passing by your house.

Believe me, everyone can choose cool door numbers without a designer education. And you won’t have to hire anyone specifically for this purpose either. This life hack will help you. The guide will help you find and buy the best exterior decorations quickly, easily and at an affordable price.

Temperament and colour theory

In narrative psychology, there is an opinion: the interior and exterior are a sign system, where each element has a special meaning for a person on an emotional level. Social belonging, values, dreams and lifestyle are aspects that make up everyone’s identity. And all this is taken into account when decorating your dwelling including the entrance group with door number signs. Moreover, the exterior is built in terms of certain relationships with the real and desired environment. And it is the temperament that plays the first fiddle here. It must be reckoned with: and if the ardour of some must be pacified, then others, on the contrary, must be revived.

4 types of temperament – 4 types of door numbers:

  • A defiant and bright choleric person. Hi-tech is the best choice, since the mood of the choleric person changes quickly, and a calm, clear and minimalist design will help to balance it. The same thing works with pastel colours.
  • Sensual and dreamy melancholic. Gothic and classics with modern elements – what the doctor ordered. Jewellery should be of exceptional beauty and noble shades (crimson, terracotta, yellowish).
  • A positive and hospitable sanguine person. Postmodernity and classics, where old things were given a new life, where there is a lot of light and mirrors – that’s what such a person is delighted with. Colours – shades of amber and yellow, blue.
  • Calm and measured phlegmatic. Such a person focuses not on a certain direction in design, but on the quality and goodness of things. Old-fashioned details are its strong point. Colours – cold shades of azure, white, sand.

Of course, there is always a category of people who, to put it mildly, are not interested in all this psychology. They choose the door numbers catalogue on the basis of the “it’s fashionable” principle. And the next block is for them.

Perfect addition: trends

Modern interiors, like exteriors, are created in compliance with the principle of unobtrusiveness. This trend appeared due to new global problems that society has faced recently. As a result, many are forced to work outside the office, and the adjacent territory, garden or veranda, has become an office. Therefore, all decorative elements here, including door number signs, should not be annoying.

The Scandinavian style is in fashion, the same minimalism, as well as wabi-sabi, which boldly supplanted the loft and classic styling. Natural colours and high-quality decoration are in trend, as well as the ability of the exterior to quickly transform in order to diversify the stay at home for a long time.

Erika Bratschie, Los Angeles Custom Window Covering Designer, thinks: “I find many times that aesthetics is considered alone. Or that function is considered alone. But the best designs are the ones that combine the best aesthetics and the best function, and when a quality product is chosen it lasts for years to come with maximum enjoyment”.

Materials and technology

Interior decorations are especially popular today (and tomorrow too). They are made of natural wood, the texture of which is mesmerizing gives warmth and comfort. These are door numbers in rattan, natural and reconstructed veneer, bamboo, cork oak and wood; decorative elements with sea grass, water hyacinth, banana leaves. In the design, it is preferable to use the products of their cotton, wool, silk, leather and natural rubber.

  • But at the same time, the still modern, practical and durable acrylic glass does not give up its position. By the way, door number signs based on it serve for several decades without losing their original aesthetics.

And finally, the classics of the genre – steel, which was, is and will be in the top of materials for the manufacture of almost eternal products. They don’t rust, don’t deform, don’t get bored.

As a special treat, let’s talk about production technology. Today, in the door numbers catalogue, you can see many successful options, but industrial options, decorations. The advice is not to be led by fashion or the recommendations of good people. Show your individuality by ordering handmade door number signs from a small business. Most often these are family workshops and interior decoration manufactories. Believe me, only in their products is the soul because they are made by hand, not by machines.

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