How to Build a Timber Pergola

If you are looking to add something really special to your garden or backyard then a timber pergola could be the perfect choice. These are inspired by the Asian buildings that adorn so many cities, a traditional structure that is minimized and simplified in order to create a seating area in your home. These structures are essentially permanent gazebos that can be designed in a number of styles. These offer the ideal place for dining or socializing outdoors. If you are looking to build your own pergola, here is how you should go about doing so.

X Marks The Spot

The most important consideration at this stage is where you plan to place your structure. There are two factors that you should be thinking about here, the first is the integrity of the structure and the second is how you plan to use the pergola. Thinking first about the structure, it is always recommended that you build on the most even surface possible. This is not only going to save you from problems when building, it will also ensure that the pergola looks great and is not going to move over time. In terms of how you will use it, think about that area of the garden that gets the most sun and at what hours so that you can get the most out of this feature.


There is a range of materials available to you when building this pergola on your property. Most people look to use timber here but you don’t have to just stick to timber. Even if you opt for this material for your timber pergola Melbourne stockists have a huge range of timbers to choose from. The best option here is a timber that is lightweight and strong, flexible and resistant to the elements such as merbau. The timber you choose will come down to what you want to pay, and what characteristics you need it to have.

Sketching It Out

Once you have settled on location and material it is time to sketch out the pergola so that you have a very clear understanding as to how much material you will need, as well as other accessories such as fixings. The best course of action here is to work with a professional carpenter who can ensure that you have the correct dimensions and sizings for the job. Once you have it sketched out it is time to buy your materials.

Erecting The Pergola

In terms of a timber stockist Melbourne has a great range of places to buy material from, so it is always best to shop around. Once you have your material the first step will be to erect the outer structure of the pergola, followed by the roof and then the inner seating. If at any point you feel overwhelmed by the construction job then be sure to call in the experts so that you don’t make any mistakes and that you have the perfect feature for your garden.

The key to getting the pergola right is to ensure that you take your time and work hard on the preparation stages.

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