How peel and stick wallpaper can be a solution for a quick interior makeover

Peel and stick or removable wallpapers can impart a complete facelift to your normal house décor as it infuses more colours and patterns to the bland walls without causing any damage. In stark contrast to the traditional wallpapers, peel and stick variants are easier to install and remove. The choices of such wallpapers have also increased drastically over the past few years offering users with a plethora of design and colour for matching their home vibe.

While we primarily associate them will walls, they can be used in an away of ways for adding an extra zing to your house setup. All you will require is some out-of-the box creativity whether you wish to amp up your staircase or the study cabinet. Today we are going to take a look at the different ways in which you can use a peel and stick wallpaper for a hassle-free room transformation.

Advantages Of Using Peel & Stick Wallpaper

  • Mess free quick and easy solution which is perfect for DIY
  • Offers numerous options in terms of both hues and patterns.
  • Applying traditional wallpaper to an entire wall is costlier than adding them to a piece of furniture for an interesting and budget friendly room décor.

Ways Of Incorporating It In Your Home

  • Creating an accent wall is one of the easiest ways of making a statement. You can choose between a perceived texture or playful pattern for highlighting your living area by opting for chic and stylish geometric prints.
  • If you do not wish to horde your entire wall with patterns, then you can keep things simple by breaking it up into statement wallpaper accents positioned above the chair rail.
  • Relax after a hectic day at work with a steaming cup of coffee in the favourite corner of your house decorated with peel and stick wallpapers which ooze out a welcoming and relaxing vibe.
  • We rarely care about the ceiling while planning the home décor. However, it can have a big role to play in determining the overall aesthetics of your house. This holds especially true for people who wish for clutter-free Scandinavian style rooms and a statement wallpaper with herringbone prints in the ceiling.
  • Adding to the cool quotient of your child’s room become easy with an accent wall featuring their favourite characters from Harry Potter, Star Wars and the like.
  • Peel and stick wallpaper can add a luxurious vibe to your bathroom if you opt for the marble print wallpapers.
  • While your house guests don’t get to see the back of your closet, you have to see it on a daily basis. Having a closet back wrapped in wood grain pattern wallpaper can impart a subtle style to your dressing sessions.
  • Opt for breezy prints as your bathroom or kitchen backsplash to transport yourself to the cool Mediterranean.
  • Weathered stone texture is ideal for being added to your kitchen island or the base of a bar.
  • You can make the bookshelves stand out by either applying wallpapers at the back or covering them completely for a total makeover.
  • Old furniture such as a vintage bedside table can be brought back to life with peel and stick wallpapers in unique prints like grid patterns or wood grain design.
  • You can amp up your plane jane headboard with a bohemian style wallpaper which never fails to inculcate a dash of dun to your bedtime routine.
  • If you are having a tough time decorating tough spaces and corners, then a peel and stick wallpaper can offer you with versatile solutions.


You just need to install these wallpapers on smooth and flat surfaces before peeling them off in seconds without having to deal with any sticky residues. This revolutionary decorating solution looks exceptionally gorgeous on furniture’s, walls and even appliances while breathing fresh life into your existing home décor in a pocket friendly manner.

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