How Can You Show Patriotism Through Decor During Halloween?

For every American, Halloween is a holiday you cannot miss celebrating. More than 69% of people love to be part of this celebration. During this time, kids enjoy trick-or-treating, and adults love decorating the house with festive gatherings. 

On average, the country spends over USD 10.14 billion on Halloween decor during this season. Perhaps you also spend hundreds of dollars on decor every year. Even then, the theme has always been the same. You are probably tired of using ghoulish, supernatural, and ghost-themed designs outside and inside your home. 

What if you let ghosts, witches, and skeletons take a back seat this year and focus on an underrated patriotic Halloween theme? With this, you can showcase your nationalism and pride in being an American. 

In this blog, we will discuss a few tips to show your patriotic spirit during the spooky season. 

How Can You Use Outside Decor to Enhance Patriotism During Halloween?

Needless to say, the color scheme for a patriotic Halloween should be blue, red, and white. These colors signify justice, valor, and purity, respectively. That means your house will evoke a spooky essence coupled with American tradition. 

That’s why it’s a good idea to buy items with patriotic motifs to go with your red, white, and blue theme. You can also reuse some of your 4th of July decorations, too. 

For instance, you can use star-shaped candleholders and striped ribbons. Similarly, painted pumpkins, blue-colored spiders, white ghosts, etc. can look good for a spooky and nationalistic vibe. 

To keep it more spooky-themed, you can follow these decoration tips: 

  • Get a few red, blue, and white-colored skeletons and bury them halfway in your front yard. 
  • Look for porch light fixtures and colors that complement the patriotic theme of red, blue, and white.
  • Place blue-colored artificial spiders, white cobwebs, and red flickering candles in the front yard.
  • You can put color-schemed goblins, zombies, scarecrows, and banners with nationalist quotes on your porch. 

Furthermore, you must hoist the American flag outdoors to signify liberty if you choose a patriotic Halloween theme. Find flags made in the USA to ensure you get the right length and height for your spooky theme. Hoisting the country’s flag is an easy way to showcase your patriotism during Halloween. It will be the ultimate decor item to bring your nationalist theme to life. 

According to Flags Unlimited, reputed companies will use nylon or polyester to create the flags, depending on your location and weather. Choose from established companies to get durable and lightweight American flags. 

Can Wearing Patriotic Costumes Help Enhance Your Home’s Unique Appeal During Halloween?

Your costume should be an extension of your home’s festive theme. To be consistent with your patriotic Halloween theme, you must invest in costumes that ooze nationalism. For example, you can inspire your children to wear costumes like Lady Liberty, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Uncle Sam, etc. 

As an adult, you can dress up as your state’s mayor or favorite nationalist. You can also go as the American Bald Eagle to showcase nationalism and pride. Furthermore, you can pay your respects to the fallen veterans by wearing fake military uniforms. 

4 Indoor Patriotic Decor Tips for Halloween

Halloween is not only about outside decor. Your patriotic and spooky theme should resonate throughout your house, both indoors and outdoors. That means you must transform your home’s interior into a frightful festive nationalist essence. 

Take a look at a few creative decorative ideas for a patriotic Halloween:

  1. Put flags, pumpkins, nationalist quotes, fake wilted roses, and candles near your fireplace. 
  2. Replace regular decor on your dining table with red cutlery, blue napkins, and white plates. 
  3. Use patriotic and Halloween-themed utensils, casseroles, and kitchen accessories. 
  4. Decorate a centerpiece with red, blue, and white flowers throughout your house on October 31st. 

You can also bake cookies and make candies that resonate with the patriotic essence with a hint of spookiness. An example would be bat-shaped cookies with red, blue, and white icing. 

What Music Should You Play During Halloween to Enhance Your Home’s Patriotic Theme?

Many believe that music is the very soul of any Halloween decor. Usually, people play spooky music that pierces your soul, and you get goosebumps. Yes, the music in your house will bring together the whole nationalist vibe. 

However, to complement your nationalist theme, you need to find songs that have a nationalist spirit while being spooky. You can check Apple Music or Spotify for patriotic Halloween-themed songs. Examples include the ‘Battle Hymn of the Frightening Republic’ and the ‘Frightening Star Spangled Banner.’ 

The Bottom Line

According to Statista, 39% of Americans are ‘extremely’ proud of their nationality, and 28% are ‘very’ proud. Spending Halloween in a patriotic manner is a given if you fall into this demographic. 

Doing so will allow you to commemorate historical events, support the country’s accomplishments, and inspire others. You can channel a 4th of July spirit to decorate your home with patriotic colors and items. You can also adorn patriotic costumes from famous nationalists to show solidarity. This way, your theme can stand out in the neighborhood. 

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