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Household Chemical Storage Guide

Though families may differ as far as their priorities when it comes to the way in which they clean their homes, one thing should remain the same regardless: prioritizing safe storage of the products used to clean their home. The importance of remaining cautious when using these products and safely storing them should not be understated. Unfortunately, many families don’t take enough caution when storing these products, which can lead to a number of harsh consequences. This is why it’s important for every family to start with the basics of these products, their labels. Directions for use, safety information, and even storage tips are likely to be found on every label. Following the instructions given can reduce the harm associated with use of these products. It also gives way to the second most important element of reducing the risks associated with these products: storage. Deciding which products belong where can make all the difference in keeping the most dangerous products out of the hands of younger children and thus keeping them safe. Prioritizing safety over convenience should be the standard for families, so for more information on how to store products according to this philosophy, check out the infographic accompanying this post.

Household Chemical Storage Guide from SolvChem Custom Packaging Division, a leader in industrial chemical services

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