Home Renovation Trends Every Homeowner Should Know

Home improvement trends are always changing, which means staying up-to-date on what buyers are currently looking for will help you maximize profit as a seller. Here are the top 5 home renovation trends that homeowners are jumping on to increase the livability and character of their homes:

Functional home offices

The most popular update by far has to be the coveted home office. Before the pandemic, you may have had a space dedicated to your computer or an old desk flooded with paperwork. After the pandemic? Creating an organized and inviting workspace has become more important than ever before.

Enhanced outdoor living spaces

Whether you live with year-round sunshine or real seasons… investing in your outdoor area is always a great idea. Manicured lawns, space to dine or visit, and lots of plants and flowers will increase the value of your home.

Bringing nature in

Can’t get enough of your outdoor spaces? Bring some nature indoors too! Floor pants, hanging flowers, and small cactus are beautiful ways to add texture and beauty to your home.

Incorporated technology

Smart fridges? Love them. Smart toilets? Wow, impressive. Smart security? Even better. There is no shortage these days of ways to inject more tech into your home experience, so if you have an opportunity to upgrade, it will only increase your home’s value upon selling.

Multi-use spaces

With all the time we’ve spent indoors in the last 2+ years, we’ve understood the true necessity of having designated spaces not just for life and work, but for exercise, hobbies, meditation, etc. Carving out a multi-functional space in your home will make you happier to live there – and a potential buyer happy too.


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