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Home colour selection: A guide to choosing wall colours for each room of your house

The wall decoration of your room has a huge impact on the overall appeal. There are various wall decoration ideas you can come up with. However, painting them is the most popular option. Although you can choose any painting design, you must be very careful while choosing the colours for your room. Colours hugely play a huge role in setting the mood and tone of a space. While some will help to create a bright and vibrant setup, others will help you to give the home interiors a bold look. People choose colours for home interiors depending on various factors like Vaastu, look, preferences, etc. If you are not sure about what colours for your room you should choose, here are a few ideas:

01 of 05 Wall colour ideas for your living room

The living room is one of the crucial places in your house. This is because you will receive your guests, host parties, and spend quality time with your family in the living room. Experts recommend neutral colours for the walls to create a warm and comfortable look. It will allow your guests to feel more comfortable and relaxed. Any neutral shade like blue, brown, green, etc. can work. If you feel using only one neutral shade is making the interiors appear boring, you can use a combination of two colours. Besides neutral colours, other popularly used home designing colours include grey, white, beige, cream, etc. For an appealing look, you can opt for textured painting designs and create a beautiful accent wall in your living room.

02 of 05 Wall colour ideas for your dining room

The dining room is as important as your living room. This is because your guests also visit the dining room when you serve them meals. Also, you get together with your family in the dining room every day for dinner. Hence, you should choose colours for your dining room walls that will not only help to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere but a very energetic vibe as well. For this purpose, colours like red and yellow are considered ideal. People with small dining spaces should consider choosing colours like green, yellow, and purple colours for their rooms because they are bright and can make the space appear brighter and larger. Make sure that the wall colours are complementing the rest of the colours in the dining room.  Many people opt for metallic wallpaper as well to make the room more glamorous.

03 of 05 Wall colour ideas for your kitchen

Only installing appliances and creating storage in your kitchen is not enough. To ensure you have a great cooking experience, you should pay attention to the colours as well. Popularly used colours in the kitchen are white, grey, yellow, and green. These home designing colours help to make the interiors appear brighter and larger. However, if you have a dining setup in the kitchen, you can choose warmer tones like orange and red because they stimulate your appetite.

An all-white kitchen is very popular in modern and traditional homes. It is the best option if you have a small kitchen and want it to appear brighter and larger. Also, dirt is easily visible on a white surface and hence, you can easily detect the dirty areas and clean them. However, an all-white kitchen is not for everyone. This is because this house colour design can get dirty faster compared to other colours. Since a lot of smoke and grime are released in the kitchen, the wall can get dirty very easily. You will have to clean it very frequently to ensure your kitchen appears appealing and clean. People who do not have time to keep up with the maintenance requirement should opt for other house colour designs.

04 of 05 Wall colours for your home office

Since the pandemic started in 2020, lots of people shifted to work from home permanently. However, to work properly from home, a home office is required. You must choose the colours of your home office walls very carefully because they can affect your productivity. According to experts, one of the best options you can choose for your home office walls is grey. To add some visual interest, paint the wall behind your computer blue. Other acceptable colours are green, coral, peach, and bright colours such as yellow.

05 of 05 Wall colour ideas for your bedroom

You spend the maximum time in your bedroom. This is where you relax and unwind after a long and tiring day and enjoy a good night’s sleep. Since colours affect your mood, you should be very careful when choosing your bedroom wall colours. It is always advised to choose soothing colours for the bedroom so that you can create a calm and serene atmosphere in your bedroom. Lavender, pale blue, soft green, light grey, etc. are a few great options for your bedroom design. You can also consider choosing white for your bedroom walls.

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