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Here’s How You Can Create a Fashionable Entryway

If you want to create a great first impression on your guests’ minds, paying attention only to the living room design might not suffice it. The entryway design is crucial as well because that is the first space they see. However, the entryway design is neglected most of the time by homeowners. You should not make this mistake when designing your home interiors. It sets the tone and mood for the entire space. Make sure you carefully strategise a hallway interior design as well, even if it is quite small.

Designing your hallway interior design does not mean paying attention only to the aesthetic beauty of the space. Just like the rest of the home, you should focus on functionality as well. There are various additions you can make to style your hallway decor. If you are not sure about which options you should choose, here are a few you can consider:

01 of 05 Add a piece of furniture

You should leave the entryway completely empty. Placing a furniture piece can add both functionality and style to the space. There are many options available for a hallway. If it is small and narrow, look for simple and space-efficient furniture pieces like a console table or bench. They can easily fit into small spaces without making the area appear cluttered. A console table will allow you to store items and display various decorative pieces. Similarly, you can get a bench with storage so that you can use it for storing and sitting when required.  You can get many stylish options as well that will elevate the aesthetic beauty of the space. Just make sure that it complements the look of your hallway interior design. You can design all the elements around your furniture piece and make it the focal point as well.

02 of 05 Lay a rug on the floor

You can never ignore the importance of a rug in your foyer design. People love adding one to the interior design because it brings warmth and texture. Since you get lots of options when choosing the material, colour, size, and shape, carefully look for one that perfectly blends in with the hallway design. For instance, you can get along, narrow runner to complement the look of your narrow hallway decor. Just make sure that you always pick good-quality rugs. Since your entryway is a high-traffic area, a fragile rug will wear out easily. Also, consider maintenance before buying. An easy-to-clean rug is preferred for this place because it can catch a lot of dirt and dust.

03 of 05 Hang a mirror on the wall

Experts recommend adding mirrors to your small foyer design. This is because the reflection in the mirror will make the small space appear twice its size. Hence, you can hang a mirror in your small hallway as well. It will create the illusion of a larger space and create a better impression on your guests. Depending on the space available, you can hang a large mirror on the wall. Just make sure that you position it correctly so that the mirror reflects light and brightens up the space. However, some homeowners prefer opting for multiple small mirrors instead of a large mirror. By hanging small mirrors in groups, you can create a beautiful wall gallery. Choose mirrors of different shapes and sizes for the gallery to add more visual interest. Also, do not forget to frame the mirrors. They impact the overall appearance as well. For a modern space, sleek and simple frames are great. On the other hand, wooden frames will be better if you want a rustic appearance.

04 of 05 Introduce greenery

If you do not want to complicate the task, just stick to the basics. Small indoor plants are great for decorating your home interiors. They are very popular in modern homes as people are switching to eco-friendly home designs. Adding them to the hallway interior design will make the space feel fresh. Moreover, adding indoor plants is good for your health because they purify the air indoors. Also, plants allow you to introduce various natural colours to the hallway interior design. They make the space more inviting and serene.

Do not forget to choose beautiful planters for the plants. Make sure that their designs and colours complement the look of the plants and the hallway.

05 of 05 Decorate with artwork and decor items

If you want to decorate the hallway and add more personality to the space, you will have to opt for artwork and decor items. Paintings are great for decorating the walls. You can easily find great replicas of famous paintings online for your wall. Otherwise, you can ask any local artist to make a specific artwork for you. There are many local artists who can deliver amazing results. Decor items like vases, showpieces, statuettes, etc., are great for decorating the space. You can use simple items like trays, scented candles, books, etc., for decoration as well.

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