Handy Explores Property Maintenance Tips


According to Handy, it is the responsibility of every landlord to keep their property in prime condition. This not only allows a smooth transition for the new tenants but also ensures you avoid costly repairs in the long term and protect your property from unforeseen harm.

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few important property maintenance tips you can follow:

  1. During the Spring – The cold winter months can damage many parts of your property and thus, it’s important to check those areas for damage rectification. For instance, the fence surrounding your property can become battered during the winter and might need repairs. It’s also important to inspect the wooden structures in your property during the spring since they become susceptible to wood rot due to the oncoming of warm weather.

The cold weather can damage the plumbing system due to frozen ice during the winter. And spring is the perfect time to fix those problems since ice won’t be able to accumulate any longer. Finally, be sure to check the vents around your property for proper ventilation.

  1. During the summer – It’s crucial to get your boiler serviced during the summer so that you can get them ready for the winter. It’s also a great time to bleed the radiators since it’s easier to get rid of air bubbles in the system when they won’t be used constantly.

Another major problem that you have to deal with is pests since most come out of hibernation during the summer. Thus, it’s a good idea to monitor your property for pest activities and call in pest control service providers if necessary.

  1. During the autumn – During the autumn, be sure to store or at least cover furniture pieces that are not treated to withstand the cold temperature or that you don’t want to see get damaged during the winter. Check the outdoor lights and replace any light bulbs or fixtures that need replacement.

It’s a great time to get rid of all the junk, debris, and dirt around your property and also clear the gutters before it becomes too late, and ice becomes an obstacle.

  1. During the winter – During the winter, it’s necessary to boost the insulation of your property by closing gaps in your home using sealants. This would allow you to live more comfortably during the colder months and save energy and money. Trim or prune the trees in your property, especially if they have grown too large and can become a health hazard.

Lag water tanks and pipes to ensure less reduction of heat and provide your tenants with some salt, shovel, and grit to ensure they can remain safe by keeping their paths clear.


Property maintenance is a tough job, and you have to inspect all the areas of your property as frequently as possible. This can become burdensome when you have so much else to do such as going to work or spending time with your family and friends. Handy suggests you hire the help of a professional property maintenance service provider to ease your burden and let them worry about your property on behalf of you.

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