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Games Kids Can Play In Your Home Pool

A home pool is a great way to keep kids busy and happy. In the summer vacation, there is nothing that kids would love more than to spend time in the pool playing games. Kids would love to bring their friends along to have more fun. If you have a pool at home, then you need to think of games for your kids to play. To help you, the following is a compilation of the best and most enjoyable games for kids to play in your home pool.

1. Ball race

The simplest and easiest game to plan is a ball race using a beach ball. The rules are very simple. All the kids line up, holding a large colourful beach ball. When you blow the whistle, they need to push the ball through the water until they reach the other side. Whoever reaches first is the winner. And yes, no throwing, only pushing!

2. Wishing well or Treasure hunt

This game is great for kids who can dive into the pool. Throw a bunch of coins and any other such attractive objects into the pool. Set a time limit and blow the whistle. The kids need to dive into the pool and search for the coins or objects. Each of them needs to deposit their collected items in a basket. When the game time is over, count the objects and declare the winner.

3. Invisible bottles

Take transparent plastic bottles (remove the labels) and fill them with water. Place these bottles at the bottom of the pool. They would look almost invisible. Now ask the kids to dive in and find the bottles and bring them up. Whoever finds the most bottles is the winner of this fun game.

4. Pool volleyball

This is the most common pool game played. Get a volleyball or basketball and form teams. Ask them to play using the ball. Line the two teams with an imaginary line in-between as the net. Sit back and watch the kids play and have an amazing time. You can even use a beach ball if you don’t have a volleyball.

5. Ping pong

This is a variation of the treasure hunt. In this game, get a number of ping pong balls. Ask the kids to line up in the pool and throw the balls into the water. Watch them scramble to get hold of the balls. The kids will have fun swimming all over the place trying to find the balls. Whoever gets the most number of balls is the winner.

6. Marco polo

This is one of the most enjoyable games for kids, especially for small kids. One of the kids is blindfolded or has to keep his/her eyes closed. The kid then shouts Marco and the rest shout back Polo. By hearing the voice of the other kids, the blindfolded kid needs to catch any of them. Whoever is caught becomes ‘it’ and the games continue.

7. Underwater race

This is another fun game for kids who can hold their breath and swim underwater. Ask the kids to dive underwater and race to the other end. They are not allowed to come up in-between. The kid who reaches the other end first without coming out is the winner.

8. Water ballet

This is a fun dance game for girls. Make teams and let each team select a song and prepare a dance. Give them props like straw hats, colour glasses, etc. Let each team dance to their song. You and some of the parents of the kids can act as judge. Give points for each of the teams and declare a winner at the end. You can even have solo dances and invite the boys also to dance.

9. Shark and minnows

One kid is a shark who is at the centre of the pool. The others are minnows at the sides of the pool. When you blow the whistle, the minnows need to swim across the pool and reach the other side safely. The objective of the game is to avoid the shark. If the shark catches anyone, they are out and become the shark for the next game.

10. Dolphin ball race

This is a variant of the beach ball race. The difference is that kids need to behave like a dolphin and use their noses to move the ball. Every kid will have the ball in front of them. They need to push the ball using their nose only (no cheating!) Whoever moves the ball to the other side first wins the race.

11. Dolphins and Sharks

This is a variant of the shark and minnow game. The difference here is that there would be teams. Divide the kids into two teams. One team is the sharks and the others the dolphins. The sharks wait in the middle of the pool and the dolphin team needs to evade them and cross to the other side. If any dolphin is caught by a shark, he is out.

A variant of this game is that you will call out ‘shark’ or ‘dolphin’. If you call out ‘dolphin’, then all the dolphins need to swim to the other side without being caught. If anyone is caught, they become part of the other team. The game would go on until one team runs out of players.

12. Tug of war

This is the traditional tug of war game played using a rope. The difference is that it is played underwater instead of on the land. Let the two teams hold one end each of the rope. When you blow the whistle, they need to pull the other team to their side of the pool to win the game. Contact your local Melbourne Pool Installer to find out some cool ideas for your pool!

All these games hardly require any major resources. Organizing these games would be easy and most importantly, your kids would love it. Pick a few of those games and invite your kid’s friends home. Sit by the pool and watch them have great fun playing these games.

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