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From Blueprint to Backstroke: A Step-By-Step Guide to New Pool Construction

Deciding to have a pool built on your property is an exciting time. However, the process can be much more involved than many customers realize. The process can take eight to 12 weeks for professionals. This guide will walk you through every step of the process, from the design concept to jumping in for the first time.

Step One: Design

The first thing you must do when building a pool is determine the design and layout of the finished product. This step includes determining the dimensions of the pool and deciding what features you want the pool to have: a water feature, a sunning ledge, or other elements.

When the design is finalized, your building team will likely visually mark the dimensions with spray paint to give you an idea of what the pool will look like in its chosen spot. This process also helps the construction team see potential complications like tree roots, sewage pipes, etc.

Step Two: Construction Permit

Once the design is finalized, you will likely need to obtain construction permits. The permits required are determined by the city or county your property is located in. If your property is covered by an HOA, this is the time to get approval for the pool. The property owner ensures the designed pool follows all local and neighborhood guidelines.

Step Three: Start Digging

Breaking ground is one of the most exciting steps of the pool-building process. This is the first physical sign that the pool of your dreams is about to be yours. In most cases, the digging process takes about two days for construction professionals.

Step Four: Steel Framework Installation

Once the hole has been made, it’s time to put the steel framework in place. This installation will ensure your pool stays put and can hold up over time. The framework will be designed to meet the exact specifications of your unique pool.

You’ll see a lot of steel bending and shaping during the installation. This process can be exciting for kids and adults alike. It’s fun to watch and gives you the skeletal outline of your pool.

Step Five: Plumbing and Electrical Systems

Plumbing is one of the most essential parts of a pool. After all, a pool has a lot of water, and the plumbing system will keep it circulating as it should. Plumbing can be complicated if you’ve chosen extra water features or other additions.

The plumbing system includes the central drain system and pool skimmer. This process is done by a hired plumber with plenty of pool plumbing experience. An electrician will also come out and install any electric elements of your pool, such as the pump and heater.

Step Six: Concrete

Most custom pools are made of concrete. Once plumbing and electrical systems are in place, the concrete can be poured into the steel framework. Pressurized concrete is placed and sculpted to meet your design. Once concrete is poured, it takes at least three days to cure fully.

Step Seven: Deck

After the concrete is in place, the team will begin work on your chosen deck or whatever you’ve decided to surround your pool with. This step takes about a week on average, but it can be longer depending on the materials and square footage.

Step Eight: Interior Finish

Now, it’s time to apply the interior finish. This finish is typically concrete, but you can choose from other materials. Pressurized concrete will be directed and then kneaded into the surface into the final design of the pool floor and walls. This is also when details like stones and tiles can be added.

Step Nine: Final Deck Coating

If you’ve included decking in your design, a final coat of sealant or paint will be added at this point. This coat will provide a glossy finish and extra protection to the deck from pool water and outdoor elements.

Step Ten: Landscaping

Once your pool is done, it’s time to landscape around it. This final step will bring your outdoor oasis to life. Like all other elements, the landscaping is part of the design process and will be customized to the layout and features you want to include.

Work with the Best                   

You should choose the best team when building a custom pool in the Las Vegas area. Xterior Creations has years of experience providing custom, high-quality pools promptly. Whether you want a geometric pool, freeform pool, or anything in between, our team will develop a 3D rendering of the design and get you on your way to the pool of your dreams. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

Infographic created by Big Blue Swim School, Offering Confidence-Building Kids Swim Lessons

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