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Floristry Trends 2021-2022

Moyses Stevens: A traditional yet trend-aware luxury florist. 

Like many industries, floristry was impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, it has been suggested that the industry is quickly recovering and many florist businesses have seen growth in the last 18 months. With the increased demand for online flower deliveries and the new age of millennial gardeners, the florist industry in the UK is currently worth £403.3 million as reported by IBIS World. With new and exciting floral artistry trends moving through 2021 into 2022, it will be interesting to see where the industry goes as renowned floral artists such as Moyses Stevens blending their traditional styles with modern trends.

Picking Bouquets

The wedding landscape has changed drastically over the past 18 months with micro and intimate weddings surging in parallel to the numerous Covid restrictions. Smaller-scale ceremonies and a low-key approach to decor such as floristry have become increasingly popular for couples in the UK. Picking bouquets is a new floral trend that can be closely linked to these understated weddings. Picking bouquets consist of flowers such as alliums, nerine and agapanthus that are arranged in a ‘hand-picked’ display.  Various height differences, colours and shapes tied loosely looks to emulate a more natural floral arrangement. This relaxed approach to wedding floristry has been popular for those looking for a more simplistic wedding theme but these arrangements can also be seen in vase displays. The new collaboration between Selfridges and Moyses Stevens, the florist with over 140 years of heritage, sees intimate weddings taking place in the famous flagship store on Oxford Street. Moyses Stevens works with the Selfridges wedding experts to provide luxurious floral displays for couples looking for a simple yet unique wedding day.

Dried and Fresh Flower Mix

Dried floral arrangements have been a huge trend in recent times with flowers, foliage and grasses being featured in a variety of displays. The popularity of these stylish bouquets has grown alongside boho, naturalistic and sustainability-focused interior design trends. A newer floral artistry trend to emerge from this is the mix of both dried and fresh blooms. This choice allows the bouquet to still have that fresh floral scent but blended with the texture that dried flowers and foliage such as eucalyptus can incorporate. As one of the most prestigious florists in London, Moyses Stevens excels in both fresh and dried floral artistry. Their beautiful arrangements can be seen in any one of their London shopfronts situated in Belgravia, Chelsea, Battersea, St Pancras and the concession in Selfridges. You can even try your hand at creating a bouquet with the Moyses Stevens florists at their Battersea Flower School. They offer in-person and virtual experiences for those who are interested in learning more about floristry or those who wish to develop their skills further. Head to https://www.moysesflowers.co.uk/london-flower-school/ to find out more and book a class.


Gypsophilia also recognised as ‘baby’s breath’, has become a trending flower and has been increasingly incorporated within bouquets and floral arrangements. Displayed within fresh or dried arrangements, this Pinterest-worthy flower is also available all year round. Its delicate and soft appearance has been popular with bridal bouquets and for displaying around the home. Naturally, gypsophila is pink or white in colour but it is now being dyed every shade under the rainbow which will only increase its versatility within an array of different floral displays.


Sustainability and reducing wastage are important concepts that have excelled in recent years. The florist industry is one that is continually searching for ways to adhere to a new approach to help protect the planet. One of the main ways floral businesses are combatting the devastating effects of climate change is by sourcing in-season flowers and plants from local growers. This not only helps the community but helps cut back on carbon emissions. Moyses Stevens is committed to having a sustainable approach to their business and sources flowers and foliage from 15 different growers in the UK. They also use organic farms which allow for greater wildlife habitats and buy sustainability harvested flowers from a world heritage site in South Africa. The highly-acclaimed luxury florist also has a strong focus on sourcing in-season blooms which also helps them reduce their overall carbon footprint.

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