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Everything You Need To Know About Glass Railing System

Most modern homes, cottages, and commercial buildings now use glass railings. T has now become an alternative to the spindles and the handrails. The glass railing helps add openness and facilitates light flow. The glass railing also helps add a luxury effect to the home when installed correctly. The glass railing is commonly used in patios, porches, balconies, and decks.

Most people would prefer these types of railing since Glass requires low maintenance since there is no regular repair and repair. One has to make some considerations, especially when buying glass railing for raised balconies and decks. Some considerations are that glass railing is ideal for the raised platforms. Glass is not exposed to wear and tear. The use of glass railing systems can easily prevent accidents. The glass railing is ideal for raised balconies and decks since it can preserve views. Privacy can be achieved by using this technique. Glass Railing Handrail System can help prevent accidents within the building.

Different types of glass railing systems

  • Framed glass railings

This type of glass railing system is one of the mostly used railing systems. They tend to offer a scenario of safety and luxury. They are designed with classic glass panels supported by a frame. The boundaries can be designed from metal, but one wants a less maintenance cost; they should consider choosing aluminum. The framed glass railing can be placed on any surface. It also helps in enhancing privacy. Framed glass railings are commonly used in pools. The feature of a frame is excellent for raised platforms and stairs.

  • Frameless glass railing

The frameless glass railing has no bordering frames, which are unparalleled by any other type of railing system. They are the premier choice for decks, balconies, rooftops, and terraces. The frameless glass railing systems help in ensuring safety on your property.

  • Dadoed glass railing
  • The dadoed glass railing is designed with glass panels secured from the top to the bottom with a wooden frame. The railing has the cleanest visual appeal since there are no clips or hardware used in the railing.
  • Clamped glass railing

The clamped glass railing is structured with the glass panels held with glass clips which are installed to the posts, especially the ones near the shoe. With this system, you can use steel and wood posts. If installed properly, it helps in giving an appealing style to your home.

Before deciding on which type of glass railing to use either in your house, cottage or even commercial property, there are a few considerations you need to make. Some of these considerations are:

  • Safety and local building codes

When installing the glass railing systems, you must consider the safety and the local building code. You need to know the type of safety glass required within your state. The specialized stair and rail tend to offer tempered Glass of high quality. Tempered Glass is a type of heat-treated Glass that tends to increase surface strength and modifies the break pattern. When the tempered glass breaks, it will shatter into small tiny for safety. The laminated Glass is two pieces of Glass joined to form one layer. This helps provide strength and extra protection when the glass breaks. If the Glass breaks, only one part will shatter, and the other will remain in place.

  • Maintenance cost

Maintenance cost is another consideration one must make when selecting the glass railing handrail system. Glass is considered to have long-term maintenance compared to wood. With the glass railing system, you will only be required it clean the Glass with a soft cloth and soap or vinegar. Avoid using abrasive scrubbers, as these will damage the Glass.

  • Budget

One should also consider their budget when getting the glass railing systems. Dadoed is regarded as one of the cost-effective glass railing systems. It has fewer holes and machining and does not require any pricey hardware. The stainless steel used in the hardware helps enhance the style of the glass railing system.

Bottom line

In conclusion, there are various types of glass railing systems. The article has illustrated some types of glass railing systems and the factors to consider when buying these systems. It would be best to consider getting an experienced installer to install the glass systems for you. When the Glass is installed improperly, it can be dangerous. Always consider selecting a company that is experienced.

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