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Don’t Get Stumped Trying to Remove That Tree From Your Property

Perhaps you are looking to clean up your yard and the first task that you have undertaken is getting rid of that old, rotting tree that has inhabited your yard since you moved in. What you may not have realised before you started is that there is more that goes into the tree removal process than you thought.

Through it all, you’ve managed to get the tree down, removing all of the branches that pose a threat to the property surrounding it. You think you’re doing pretty good and then you come to a realisation: there’s still the stump.

Removing the stump by yourself can be a really difficult endeavour, making it essential to find a stump removal in Perth.

Why Not to Leave the Stump

When you cut down the tree, the stump will persist, the roots embedded into the ground. When the roots are still embedded into the ground, it makes it extremely difficult to remove that stump from the ground.

Leaving the stumps in the ground can create a number of different problems. The first of which is that it can become a home for a lot of little nasties that you don’t want in your yard. This means ants, termites, and other pests that can cause other issues on your property.

The second is that it can get in the way of your landscaping. Imagine trying to mow your lawn and having to manoeuvre around an annoying stump that you wish would disappear. That’s not even taking into consideration that it can create a tripping hazard for adults and children alike.

Stump Grinding

A quality stump removal service will be able to come out and remove the stump all the way down to the root. Instead of fighting to pull the stump out of the ground, this is done using a machine to literally grind the stump down below ground level.

This not only removes the stump from the surface, it also prevents the stump from reshooting. The proper service will have a different array of sizes to choose from so that they can properly grind the stump and root, effectively removing it forever without any further issue.

Taking the initiative to remove the tree yourself is certainly a great first step. It removes the ugly aesthetic of that withered tree from your yard, but it is far from the last step.

Don’t stubbornly take on that stump yourself. It can lead to a lot of frustration or, if you ignore it, can create an annoying eyesore that reminds you of its existence each end every day it remains.

Call in a professional stump removal service instead. They will be able to efficiently and effectively grind away that stump and its roots down to nothing so that your yard can look pristine, remain safe, and be far easier to maintain than it would have been with that annoying stump in the way of things.

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