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Custom Shed Design Tips

brown backyard shed

For homeowners who want to add a shed to the garden or yard, one of the most common options is to have a custom shed designed. Custom sheds can be created to your exact specifics, and each aspect of the design will be up to you. Working with custom shed designers is a great way to get the perfect shed for you and your property, and consumers love the amount of control which they have over this. If you do plan to design your own shed, here are some of the considerations which you will first need to make.


The first consideration which you will have to make before you start thinking about how you want your custom shed to look, is the amount of money which you want to spend on it. Your budget is going to dictate so many factors of your shed design, so identifying how much you want to spend is going to be critical.

Size of Shed

When looking at the size of the shed which you plan to design you should first consider the location of the structure and how much space you have to play with. Additionally you need to think about what you will be using the shed for, which will also help you to identify what kind of space you need inside the shed and how big the entire custom shed will be.

Color Options

When it comes to custom sheds Melbourne is a great example of just how colorful they can be, so many properties here are adorned with bright colored sheds. This is another factor to consider as it will help you to settle on which materials you plan to use for the shed. There really is no limit to what color you can choose for your shed.

Shed Materials

Whilst a large number of customers do opt for a timber shed, you are not absolutely limited to this kind of material. You could instead have a metal shed if you want to safely store items, or even plastic which can be low cost and look great. The material will be dictated by what exactly you plan to use the shed for, and how much money you are prepared to spend on your custom shed.

Extra Features

What really makes a custom shed so appealing is that you can add all kinds of extra features to it which will be unique to you. This is why creating a custom shed makes so much sense, because you can have all the details implemented which you need. For example you may wish to have a shed which can be used as storage and for outdoor living, so a double door and plenty of windows may be what you need. Alternatively you may wish to create a workshop, so you can have shelving and a space for working added in. Naturally the more details which you have, the more costly the shed may be, but these are considerations which you should look to make.

Custom sheds look great and they perfectly meet your needs, these are some areas of consideration which you should focus on before you get started with your design.

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