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Best Places to Install CCTV – Where should the cameras go?

Installing CCTV is a great way to improve your peace of mind about your home security. But once you’ve made the decision to install CCTV, you still need to pick where the best places to install the cameras.

Cover your points of entry

First and foremost, it’s important to install cameras at the main points of entry into your home. This includes the main doorways, plus any main side or back entrances.

Criminals often break in through the main entranceways into the home. This is because if the burglar acts swiftly and with confidence, they often don’t raise much suspicion. Because it is such a common break-in area, it is very important to make sure your cameras cover the front entrance and other main side and back entrances.

However, not all criminals take the main route, and that is why it’s also important to have cameras that can cover any ground-floor windows and other potential break-in points.

Safeguard the main areas of the house

Once you have the entrance points covered, you should be looking to safeguard the main areas of the house. This includes the passageways such as your main halls and stairways. If someone were to break into your home, they would need to make their way through these areas, so installing cameras there is a great idea.

You should also install cameras in areas such as your lounge and kitchens. Particularly lounges, as they often have many valuable items that you want to protect.

Think outside the house too

Cameras outside your house are also a great idea. Not only do cameras outside help you have an added level of security, but they often also serve as a deterrent to would-be criminals. If a potential burglar knows they would be on camera, they will be much less likely to attempt a break-in.

In the outside spaces, it’s good to have cameras installed in your driveway, yard spaces, and any detached buildings like garages or sheds. Protecting garages and sheds is a great idea, as they often are used to store valuable possessions and are seen as an easy place to burgle.

But remember to respect privacy

Although security is very important, it is always best to consider privacy as well. With that in mind, we think it’s best not to install cameras in any private areas of your home. This includes your bedrooms, bathrooms, and any other places you and your family would prefer not to be recorded.

It’s also best to make sure your cameras don’t overlook your neighbour’s property either as that can be an invasion of their privacy.

Extra tips

When installing security cameras, make sure you place them out of reach so that potential criminals can’t disable them. The higher up cameras are placed, the harder they are to reach and often the wider view they can achieve.

For outdoor cameras, it’s best to couple them with a motion detection light to improve the visibility of the camera. Although most cameras come with great night vision, by using a motion detection light you can both improve visibility and add an additional level of deterrent.

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