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Best Copper Kitchen Accessories

kitchen with copper kitchen sink

In the past, just about every kitchen featured a whole host of copper features owing to the low price of this metal and the long term benefits of its use. During the last 50 years, the price of copper has risen a great deal and it is currently a material which comes at a premium if you are looking to add it to your kitchen. The result of this change is that copper fittings are now highly sought after and look great inside the kitchen. There are a number of options in the kitchen that could be made with copper, and here are some that you could consider.

 Copper Sink

A copper kitchen sink is really something of a showstopper and draws the attention of the eyes from the moment that you set foot in the room. Not only do copper kitchen sinks look great, they are also able to provide a range of benefits regarding their use. For example, this material is highly durable and easy to take care of. Additionally this is an antimicrobial material which means that it is a far more hygienic option. Whilst a copper sink is more expensive than other options, it will offer you an extra-long lifespan.

Copper Taps

Taps are another ornate feature which need to be functional and aesthetically pleasing, and this again is why many are looking to introduce a copper kitchen tap. These don’t have to be used exclusively for copper sinks, but they are a great looking combination in the kitchen. Copper taps also look great when used with black kitchen sinks, and really deliver a stylish and modern option.

 Copper Saucepans

It is not just the likes of a copper kitchen mixer and sink that people are looking to introduce into this room, but also cookware like a copper-based saucepan set. Copper is an ideal heat conductor which is why it is often preferred in high level cookware. Additionally because these saucepans look so great, they can be proudly hung from the ceiling of the kitchen, offering a great storage solution.

 Copper Countertops

Most people associate metal countertops with large and professional kitchens, but copper can look absolutely delightful when used on the counters of your kitchen at home. This is often described as a living countertop because of the way that the shading and the patterns of the copper will change over the years. As the metal oxidizes and becomes slightly flawed over time, the result will be a unique countertop which screams style.

Copper Splashbacks

Another great use for this metal in the kitchen is as a splashback, sitting behind the hob to protect the wall and add a touch of style to the kitchen. Again with this installation we see that copper will change over time and this results in cool patterns forming on the upper layer of the metal. In terms of cost you can get a copper splash back for less than $100, and this will perfectly compliment a copper kitchen tap or sink.

The price may have gone up, but investing in this metal for your kitchen is going to be a decision which you are never going to regret.

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