5 Different Types of Decks to Consider

Adding a deck to your home can be a fun and exciting prospect. They’re the perfect outdoor gathering space for many months out of the year. As you make plans for your next deck, consider these different styles (and be sure to check with your city’s codes before you begin construction).

Traditional Raised Deck

A classic raised deck with posts for support may be the most common type of deck. The construction is relatively straightforward, and it can be designed to match the height of the door to your yard. The installation process can be a bit tedious (particularly if the ground you’re installing on isn’t quite level), so consider using adjustable pedestal support pieces to expedite the construction process.

Pallet Deck

This type of deck is a take on the upcycling trend of using pallet wood for construction. In general, pallet wood is on the softer side, meaning that it may only work as a temporary deck material. If you can choose pallets with narrow spaces between the boards and rated to hold a large amount of weight, they may very well be a viable deck solution. Or, even if you can’t locate suitable pallets for flooring, you can still make use of the wood as an interesting addition to deck walls or accents.

Sunken Deck

In some settings, it may make sense to construct a sunken deck to ulitize the space more effectively or simply make the space feel more cozy. For yards with a slope, a sunken deck with multiple levels may be an interesting way to make the deck fit the space right.

Angled Deck

For visual appeal or to suit a limited amount of space, an angled deck might be a good option. You can design it to follow the angle of the house exterior, work around the existing landscape or simply maximize the deck space up to the allowable contruction line/property line.

Floating Deck

A floating deck (also known as a freestanding deck) can add interest to a larger yard. It can help define a space and make a spot to gather. It’s also a very simple deck solution, since the lower height does not usually necessitate construction of stairs or railings, making it any easier option to DIY.

Adding a deck to your yard is excellent way to way to up the curb appeal of your home. As you put care into designing the space, you can look forward to sharing it all season long with those you love.

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