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4 Common Types of Metal Coatings to Try in 2022

It is no secret that metal is an important element when it comes to home décor. Adding metal into your space instantly adds drama and character and makes your space look expensive. However, maintaining metal décor items is not easy. The metal loses its sheen over a period of time and it corrodes. That is where metal coating comes into the picture. Metal coating is one of the most popular and effective solutions to increase the longevity of metal surfaces and combat corrosion.

Are you planning to restore your metal furniture but are clueless about which metal coating to go for? Fret not, we have brought to you an easy guide on metal coatings and 4 common types of metal coatings.

How do metal coatings work? 

Typically, when metal reacts with moisture and oxygen, it corrodes. If iron encounters moisture and oxygen, it forms iron oxide, commonly known as rust.
Metal coatings help to combat corrosion by creating a non-reactive barrier on top of the metal surface which prevents the metal surface from reacting to moisture and oxygen.

Why must you consider metal coating? 

Metal coating allows you to make your old and rusty metal furniture look new. Here are some other significant benefits of metal coating.

  • It increases the durability of metal surfaces
  • It improves the electrical conductivity
  • It protects the metal from environmental factors and manmade factors
  • It helps your metal furniture regain its lost lustre and adds to the overall aesthetic of your space

Different Types of Metal Coating 


If you have a complex metal surface, then electroplating is the perfect metal coating option for you. In this type of metal coating, the ionic composition of the metal surface is changed and so the moisture and other agents are stopped from causing corrosion on the metal surface.
Typically, electroplating is used to polish ornaments jewellery. Remember that this type of metal coating can lead to an uneven, thick coating on the surface. Hence, it might not be the right fit for people who want an even metal finishing on their metal surfaces.

Hot Dipping 

Metal parts are dipped in a liquid coating in this type of metal coating. Hot dipping is ideal for metal parts that were exposed to harsh conditions or the ones which have complex structures making it difficult for them to be coated through other spray paint for metal.

Paint Coating 

If you are looking for an easy and affordable way to protect your metal surface from corrosion, then look no further than this type of metal coating. Liquid paint is applied on top of the metal surface to protect it from corrosion. However, it is important to take into consideration that this type of coating is less durable as the paint will gradually fade, peel or chip off.

Powder Coating 

In this, powdered particles are made to stick to metal surfaces through an electrostatic process. After the powdered particles are coated on the metal surface, it is then heat-treated in an oven to harden the coating and make it last longer. Powder coating is popular for its durability as it will protect your metal surfaces for years to come.
Though it is a cost-effective way to protect your metal furniture in the long run, it has a high initial investment cost. Keep in mind that powder coating will give a thick coating layer and it will make your metal surface appear rough and rustic.

It is important to understand your metal surface, budget and how much time it will take for the metal coating before you decide on the type of metal coating you want to choose.
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